A quick guide to choosing the best vegan shoe for you

16 July 2020

A quick guide to choosing the best vegan shoe for you

A quick guide to choosing the best vegan shoe for you

This week we want to share with you a quick guide to choosing the best vegan shoe for you.

Shoes can impact our postures, moods and outfits. Therefore, they should be chosen carefully and with intent.

You know we’re all about mindful consumerism, especially in the shoe department. Shoes can easily make casual clothes look chic, and turn a formal dress into a carefree outfit. They can be invisible, or they can be the piece de la resistance! So shopping mindfully for shoes is absolutely essential for your style.

An easy way to have a sustainable and stylish wardrobe is to make a capsule wardrobe. This means you only have items that fit perfectly together. In summary, the proof that quality is more fabulous than quantity.


With these things in mind, let’s help you choose the best shoe for you!




Knowing the materials of your shoes is vital to your sustainable journey. However, to know which materials to choose from, you have to first decide on what you want.

Thinking about the seasons is the first obvious thing to do. However, even within seasons, there are things to consider. It’s summer, but you’re outdoors or indoors? Is it for a casual meeting with friends, or will these shoes support you at a business meeting?

To both, you want to feel good. Choosing the right material will keep our feet fresh and at the ideal temperature. For example, materials like cork are perfect for the summer. They’re fresh, comfortable, and stylish.

The textures of the material are also impactful. That’s why you should know your wardrobe inside out so that you can find the best match! 

Finishing details

It’s important to remember that a shoe is with you all day long, sometimes several days a week. Therefore, a good lining can be a game-changer. From eliminating smells to avoiding fungus and allergies. That’s why our linings are antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

Taking your shoes off at night is a much more pleasant experience when we pay attention to the finishing details.



We mentioned it before but it’s worth mentioning again comfort is everything. Sadly comfort and fashion don’t tend to go hand in hand, but that trend has its days numbered.

A comfortable shoe can have heels and be sexy. The best part is that your feet will still look amazing and fresh after you take your shoes off. This means you’ve gone through the day pain-free, without losing your style!

Our shoes


At NAE we believe that sustainability and fashion are the perfect match! That’s why we focus on bringing you shoes that would hurt neither you nor the planet. Whilst keeping your style on point!

Our shoes are made with love and by artisans. We can make sure every shoe is well made, and choose to invest in good quality, comfortable and sexy materials.

If you tried our shoes, tell us what you thought of them in the comments below. We love to read what you have to share!

Have a beautiful day,


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