Head Office

Rua Dr. João Freitas Branco 39A

2650-287 Amadora, Portugal


Email: info (at)

Telephone: +351 214 932 003

Customer Support

Email: orders (at)

Telephone: +351 214 932 003


Monday to Friday:

9 am to 1 pm

2 pm to 6 pm

Commercial B2B

Email: alex.perez (at)

Telephone: +351 926 940 392

Marketing & Comunication

Email: marta.palma (at)

Shop LxFactory 

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, espaço 0.01D.10

1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

Email: nae.storelx(at)

Mobile phone: +351 963 820 884

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday:

11 am to 2 pm

3 pm to 8 pm

Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

Shop Barcelona (Closed)

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