The wonders of cork

16 May 2019

The wonders of cork

The wonders of cork

It might only remind you of some good wine, late summer afternoons and pure relaxation. But by the end of this article you will also think of Fashion whenever this beauty crosses your mind. 

Cork has found its place in the fashion world. Yes, you read it right!  After sharing some harsh facts about the leather industry we bring you a fabulous new material covered in hope.

We give you Cork - the sustainable dream.


Cork oaks forests are some of the most important ecosystems for animal preservation in the world. They are a home for more than 200 animal species and all most as many different types of plants. They are easy to find in Mediterranean lands. The climate makes them happy and in return these lovely trees keep the ground from erosion and drying up. 

They also hold on to a lot of CO2, which means that they help reducing the spreading of greenhouse gases and therefore fight climate change.

Now hold on to your bamboo socks (yes that’s a thing, but for another time), when a cork oak is stripped off, which means that its cork skin has been peeled off, the cork oak becomes 5 times more capable of retaining CO2. Mother Nature will then work its magic, and the cork skin will grow back, stronger than ever.

As you can see, using this material in the right way, is actually better for the environment, than not using it at all. There is no need for cutting down these trees. If we take proper care of them, they will take care of us too. That is why there are so many jobs that revolve around the cork industry. It’s any sustainable society’s dream, a circular economy.

It is a recyclable and reusable material, where waste is out of the picture.


And Portugal holds the record for the biggest cork oak forest. It so important for us that this tree is protected by law since the 18th century.


Can it getter any better? Yes, it can. The cork oak as a negative carbon footprint. It grows slowly but surely for 200 years while if holds on to all the CO2 it can get. One of the biggest Portuguese companies that deals with cork, Amorim conducted a study to find its carbon footprint, and found that it captures more CO2 than it emits. Which is quite extraordinary in this day and age.

How can cork benefit our day to day life?


It can actually be used for much more than protecting our wine. The material itself is not only beautiful in an intriguing way, but it also has a unique smell. It can be used for isolating any construction building, but it doesn’t need extra finishing. It’s absolutely magnetic.


There is a certain calm when we stare at its patterns, especially if we’re surrounded by them. In 2012 the architects Herzog & Meuron and the artist Ai Weiwei showed what could be achieved with this material on the Serpentine Gallery

It has also been used by Mercedes to replace leather, and in many other transports like buses and airplanes.


You can find it in sport’s balls like baseball and table tennis racquets.


More unexpected uses of cork can be found in movies since it can fake explosion’s dramatic effect. It’s also bullet proved, so it’s being tested for bullet prove equipment. And the cherry on top, something that we’re sure you weren’t seeing coming, cosmetics! That’s right, cork is about to be used in Makeup products for its hypoallergenic characteristics.

Many brands, especially in the Portuguese shoe industry were seduced by this versatile material, and we were no exception. How can anyone resist to the environmentally friendly, highly sustainable, mesmerizing cork. It can be dark but it can also be really light, like our Vero sandals.

Light in color and weight they are perfect for sunny days in the city!


Cork is growing in the Fashion industry and we can’t wait to see its future!


Tell us all about your experience with this material, and what blew you away the most by reading this article?


Have a beautiful day,



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