We’ve just launched our brand-new SS22 vegan shoes collection

14 April 2022

We’ve just launched our brand-new SS22 vegan shoes collection

We’ve just launched our brand-new SS22 vegan shoes collection
The definition of minimalist. As fresh as a breath of air. Practical as if nature designed them itself. Introducing the new collection…

Freedom is something we at Nae Vegan Shoes hold very close to our hearts. This was one of the core elements that inspired our new collection titled Breathe.

Breathe: A breath of fresh air. The air we need. The essence of life.

The SS22 collection celebrates the beauty and essence of all life forms. To breathe is to be free: an involuntary action common to all forms of living, essential for the maintenance of being alive. When was the last time you became conscious of your breathing?

Taking a deep breath is to begin again. Absorb the freshness of the world around you. Feel intensely. Breathing guides our meditation, our dreams, and our life. Close your eyes and listen to yours. What does it tell you?

Now with a fresh mind, take a look at our new collection that we are so excited to share with you…

Meet Syna

Allowing your feet to feel the air around you, it’s Syna. These women’s flat gladiator sandals are crafted from vegan Nobuk, an extremely durable and beautifully finished material.

These classically designed shoes combine plain black soles and loops with polka dot laces that fasten up along the shin in a crisscross pattern. Merging these elements creates a sandal that can be dressed up or down, to stand out or blend in. And as if this wasn’t enough, these vegan sandals are also super comfortable, perfect for the summer heat whether on a beach or exploring amongst nature.

Meet Saba

Chunky soles. Layers of color. Built-in balance capabilities. As shoes designed for movement, they will perfectly suit all your sporting needs, whilst allowing your feet to breathe. Endlessly useful for training, including jogging and other physical activities, these vegan sneakers are slip-resistant, padded, and reinforced on key pressure areas to ensure performance capability.

Beautifully designed and crafted from recycled PES combined with technical nylon fabric, they have sustainability at their forefront. These sneakers will keep your carbon footprint low with every step (or stride).

With electric-colored patterned recycled polyester laces that pass-through nickel-free eyelets, their detailing makes practical sports shoes fashionable for everyday wear.

Meet Ange Cork

Elegant beyond belief, say hello to Ange Cork. These women’s heeled sandals are made from organic cork (FSC certified). As a material, cork has a negative carbon footprint due to it absorbing Co2 as it grows, meaning it is incredibly sustainable.

With cork strings laced up in a central knot to craft the feature open-toe strap, and their overall beautiful pattern naturally created by the embossed cork surface, these vegan sandals show off the true beauty of nature.

Also featuring a small intricate buckle made with shiny gold metal (free of nickel) and added reinforcement along the sewn edges, these statement shoes are undoubtedly fresh and versatile.

Meet Redo PET

Simplistic but stylish, it’s Redo PET. As vegan sneakers designed with you in mind, they have comfortability and minimalism at their forefront. Available in two colors enabling you to find your perfect fit, you can’t go wrong with these shoes.

To help out the planet, these sneakers are crafted from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) which is a type of used plastic. For instance, this could be discarded plastic bottles or food containers. By transforming this waste into gorgeous shoes we are helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources by instead making use of recyclable materials.

Both the lining and insole are made with hypoallergenic materials free from dangerous environmental toxins. The shoes are also breathable, able to avoid foot sweat and suffocation, and are antibacterial and antimicrobial, which helps to prevent the development of odors, making them a hugely practical shoe.

Meet Isia

Imagine a modern take on the past and you will reach Isia. These timeless vegan sandals with a roman gladiator design are handmade from vegan Nobuk; a sustainable, innovative, cruelty-free, water-resistant, and durable material.

These two-strap sandals with an additional adjustable ankle strap and a nickel-free buckle will ensure your feet are secure and comfortable for all your summer needs. With a solid black simplicity, you can rest assured knowing they will perfectly suit any occasion, both indoors and out.

Meet Ina

Ina might just be the dream ethical shoe. Crafted from vegan suede to give a sustainable sophisticated finish to the shoe, along with a small chunky heel for practicality and elegance, these sandals will be sure to be a summer favorite in your wardrobe.

With their solid black all-over finish and thick single strap, they have simplicity at heart. Plus, with their open-toe and open-back design, they encapsulate the meaning of the new SS22 collection, by allowing your feet to be free.

Check out the rest of our minimalist Spring Sumer 2022 Collection here.
Let's all breathe together.

Have a great week,
The NAE Team


Madeleine Bird

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