Explore the fabric certifications behind our materials

22 April 2021

Explore the fabric certifications behind our materials

Explore the fabric certifications behind our materials

From design to production, we value honesty above all, which is why we’re opening up on the certifications of the materials behind our vegan shoes.


The health of you, animals, and the planet matter to us. We care about what goes into our vegan shoes and vegan accessories. We know certifications allow you proof that our materials are what they say they are, which is why we’re being transparent about what the certifications mean, so that you can look out for them in all your future fashion needs.


So, first on the round up…


Vegan Leather: the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX®


Allowing you to look good, and feel even better, our sustainable guilt-free vegan leather is made up of a mixture of microfibres (this includes cotton, polyester and nylon). Our vegan leather has been awarded the STANDARD 100 label, which ensures the material is completely harmless to human health.

OEKO-TEX® conduct extensive, globally standardised testing before awarding the label, of which the validity can be checked at any time by anyone. The certification ensures that the most harmful chemical for both the planet and the consumer, known as Chromium 6, is not present. Health and conscience wise, having the label on our vegan leather enables you to have peace of mind. Plus, you only need to take a quick look at our vegan leather shoes to know there has been no compromise on style.


To top it off, our vegan leather is also certified by the European Union, under the REACH regulation, which enforces the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”  to help improve human and environmental health.


These certifications prove twice-over that no harmful substances are present in our vegan leather, helping you and the planet to thrive in harmony. 


Recycled PET: Global Recycled Standard by Textile Exchange

A material that had once likely been a single-use plastic, Recycled PET brings a solution to the never-ending waste currently piling up on our beautiful planet. By transforming old plastic bottles and plastic collected from the ocean into vegan shoes, we are helping to prevent pollution caused by decomposing or destroying plastic and clean-up our oceans.


To certify the entire supply chain of Recycled PET, including the traceability, chemical content, and environmental and social practices, testing is carried out by an organisation called Textile Exchange. The organisation provides leading standards for recycled materials, including the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) which certifies the vegan shoe material, Recycled PET. The GRS ensures the verification of the recycled materials, which are tracked through to the final product.


Ever wondered what vegan shoes made from plastic are like? Take a look here.


Organic Cotton: Global Organic Textile Standard by ECOCERT


Kind and soft on your skin, organic cotton is a material that puts you better in touch with nature. Organic cotton, unlike regular cotton, is sustainably produced as it does not degrade the soil, use pesticides, or threaten the world’s water supply.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) ensures that a minimum of 95% of the cotton fibres come from organic agriculture and that hazardous inputs are prohibited, ensuring the production and processing of the textiles is environmentally friendly.


Organic cotton is an essential, conscious choice within the fashion industry. Buying products made from certified materials, such as Jackie, our very own block-heel vegan sandals made from organic cotton, is the best way to be sure they are genuinely part of sustainable fashion. Just think how well they’d fit into your new, ethical summer wardrobe.

Read more about organic cotton here.


Piñatex: manufactured by Ananas Anam, a Certified B Corporation


A by-product of pineapples, Piñatex is an innovative, durable material made from pineapple leaf fibres. Since the leaves are normally discarded, the material can be considered a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative.

The makers of Piñatex, Ananas Anam, are a company striving for a low environmental impact but a high social responsibility. They are a certified B Corporation, meaning they must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, be transparent, and are legally accountable to balance purpose and profit.


Further to the certification of this material, the providers of this natural fibre make sure it is manufactured with minimal waste, to further benefit the environment. From white minimalistic vegan sliders to cool black vegan sneakers, Piñatex is a remarkably versatile material which you can’t go wrong with. You can learn more about it here.


We’re proud of the certifications behind the eco-friendly, vegan fabrics we use. We hope you are too.


Have a nice day!


The NAE Team


Madeleine Bird

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