All about organic cotton

08 September 2020

All about organic cotton

All about organic cotton

This week we want to show you all about organic cotton and why it’s different from regular cotton. It’s not only better for the environment, but also to the workers involved in its production. It may be more expensive, but it costs a lot less!

Why choosing Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton is cotton that is planted and processed in a sustainable way. 90% of the regular cotton comes from genetically modified plants, that also require expensive chemical pesticides. On top of all that it is used to produce this seed and grow it, while processing cotton requires many more chemicals.

From cleaning to dyeing it, it’s an aggressive experience for the workers, the environment and ourselves.
It’s true that we don’t eat cotton, but we do wear it on top of our biggest organ, our skin. And we only want our skin to absorb moisturizer and no dangerous chemicals.

How is organic cotton different from regular cotton?

Instead of using expensive and poisonous chemical pesticides, farmers will use pesticides made from natural ingredients. The farmers can easily make them with ingredients that they cultivate, which makes it a much more sustainable option.

One of the biggest problems with chemical pesticides is that it forces the farmers to keep increasing the number of pesticides they use. At this moment, 10% of all pesticides used in agriculture are used solely to grow cotton.

This is detrimental not only to their health and wallets but also to their soils and water. Natural pesticides are again a better option because they nurture and protect the soil, and will not pollute water.

Planting Organic Cotton also means planting different crops, and following the seasons. This helps nurture the soil and allows the Cotton to grow in a more protected and therefore efficient way. It enriches the wildlife and nature that surrounds it, contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Another major difference is certainly water usage. 80% of the water used in Organic Cotton plantations comes from the rain. The reason being that in countries where the water is scarce, farmers face a tough choice. Oftentimes they must choose between using the water for themselves and their families or their crops. As you can imagine this an impossible choice. That is why the majority of Organic cotton brands aim to use as much as rainwater as possible.

Why isn’t Organic cotton more popular?

The answer is simple. It's a slower and more expensive process, at first sight. However, if you think about our real needs and the long term implications of regular cotton, the obvious answer changes. Firstly, we don’t need the extra speed that fast fashion requires. Moreover, if we consider the costs of human sacrifice and our home’s pollution, organic cotton is actually a cheaper solution.

Of course, consumers aren’t to blame for this, and you're not the one that should feel guilty. Once again corporations were allowed to take advantage of people, animals and nature for a fast profit. What we as consumers can do, is change how we consume fashion.

Consuming less, better quality and ethical and sustainably, is key to changing the world for the better. That’s why we at NAE are constantly working on products that align with the values of a prosper world for everyone.

Therefore, we use organic cotton in several of our shoes.

It was also the chosen material for our Peta collaboration, to which we developed a biodegradable, comfortable and elegant boot.

Organic cotton is an ethical and vegan material that can be used in many different ways without further damaging the environment. It’s exactly the kind of material we love and that allows us to bring you sustainable solutions that fit your style.

Do you want to know more about why regular cotton can be so detrimental? Firstly, we recommend watching True Cost and explore their website for even more eye-opening information.

We love sharing with you the best sustainable solutions we know! In times like these, we must stand up for what we believe and stay positive!

Hope you have a beautiful day,


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