A sustainable shopper’s guide to our summer sale

15 July 2021

A sustainable shopper’s guide to our summer sale

A sustainable shopper’s guide to our summer sale

Whether it's lace-up sneakers or slip-on vegan sandals, for a limited time we’ve got huge discounts on ethical shoes

With up to 50% off over one hundred vegan shoes, we have sustainable options to suit everyone's needs. This week we are revealing our sales guide to our top promotions. 

In case you didn’t know, even some of our bestsellers have 25% off... so prepare yourself to fall in love with some new vegan shoes!

First and foremost, a few words of advice...

Important things to consider when sale shopping

End-of-season sales are undeniably a great opportunity to make a purchase. Since you get the same quality item, but for a lower cost, your wardrobe budget is likely to stretch a lot further.

Make necessary purchases 

Now, as tempting as sales make it to buy excessive amounts of things, it is important to remember to still be a conscious shopper. Essentially, this means shopping with minimalism in mind and only buying what you need, and not just what you want. We wouldn’t want you ending up with guilt clutter.

Before making a purchase, it’s important to consider whether the item is different from anything already in your wardrobe, whether you can think of multiple occasions you would wear the item and if it is simple enough to survive being ‘fashionable’ for more than one season. 

Be ethical and sustainable

It is also essential that you consider the ethics and sustainability of the brand having the sale. 

  • Are the items being sold manufactured sustainably? 
  • How transparent are they being about their labor force? 
  • Do they produce their goods in ways that are free from animal cruelty? 

One of the benefits of a crowded fashion market is the range of choices available to consumers. You no longer have to buy unsustainable items, since there are eco-friendly, vegan, and ethical alternatives. And yes, even these for-good brands have sales (just maybe not as many), since making room for new stock is an inevitable part of the fashion world.

Therefore, shopping consciously even during sales means you could have some extra money on your hands, giving you the chance to make a difference to causes you care about.


A round-up of some of the vegan shoes featured in our summer sale...


Jaque is reduced from €95 to €71.25

With 25% off for a short time only, the popular women’s contrast beige-black pointed toe shoe is amazing value for money. These mid-heel vegan shoes have a slingback ankle strap design which carves flattering windows of the foot.

Made from vegan leather - a mixture of microfibres including cotton, polyester, and (recycled wherever possible) nylon – you can have peace of mind wearing these shoes knowing no harm came to any animals.

Hera is down from €115 to €86.25


These women’s lace-up vegan sandals - perfect for the summer heat – are a sales bargain. 

Crafted from Piñatex, an eco-friendly material made of pineapple leaf fibers, and 100% linen laces, they are both super durable and super sustainable. Being a gladiator style, you can be sure Hera will last through endless fashion seasons. Plus, they are also on sale in white Piñatex.

Darco was €79 and is now €59.25

Darco, the unisex vegan sandals with two statemented chunky straps are on sale! Available in black and white and made from Piñatex, or made from RPET in a deep green color, these shoes are endlessly versatile. Perfect for relaxing by the pool or a beach stroll.

With old gold nickel-free buckles featured on the adjustable straps, soles made from recycled car tires, and a comfy footbed crafted from cork and natural rubber, these shoes are an eco-friendly dream.

Get 25% off Theia, originally €110 and now just €82.5

Theia is also made from the innovative material Piñatex, a material manufactured by a B Corp organization – a business that balances people and the planet with profit.

These open-toe flat mules feature a cork ankle strap which sets off the beauty of the shoe and adds personality to any outfit. They are also cruelty-free, so with a great discount, what are you waiting for? (Also available in classic black).

Zander has dropped from €85 to €63.75

These unisex three-strap vegan sandals are a minimalist dream. Made from an OEKO-TEX certified microfiber, an eco-friendly material manufactured in a system free of CO2 emissions, these shoes will be sure to satisfy your conscious shopper mindset.

With a super comfortable footbed crafted from cork and natural rubber (to provide arch support) and a sole made of recycled car tires, these practical sandals will suit both the indoors and the outdoors.


Leen Cork has come down from €110 - to €82.50

Meet Leen cork, the flat ballerina shoe embroidered with black cotton to create a floral pattern. With an outlined securing ankle strap and an adjustable buckle, these vegan shoes hold an aura of feminine sophistication.

Made predominately from natural cork, which is a 100% sustainable material thanks to its negative carbon footprint, these vegan shoes will help you have a positive impact on the planet.

Dash is reduced from €129 to €96.75

Dash, the classic men’s vegan sneakers made of Piñatex for performance, has a breathable yet water-resistant upper. Featuring rubber soles for slip-resistance and patterned recycled polyester laces, these sneakers are adaptable to any season and occasion.

Beautifully hand-made in Portugal in a fair work environment, Dash is a bargain worth having.


Agata is half-price – down from €98 to €49

Meet Agata, the women’s vegan stiletto shoes. With a 9cm heel, they are ideal for evening attire or a day at the office. Made from an ecological and water-resistant microfiber (OEKO-TEX certified), these pointed-toe heels with their black caramel contrast offer you sustainable, fashionable footwear.

With 50% off, they are an absolute steal, so if you need them in your wardrobe, be quick and get them while stocks last! Check out the rest of our sale items here.

Finally, remember it is equally important to only buy what you need when sale shopping, just like any other time.

If you do make a purchase, find out how to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) here.

Have a lovely day!

The Nae Team


Madeleine Bird

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