How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

07 April 2021

How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

Whether your shoes are vegan or not, here are some essential top tips

Let’s be honest, having to break in a quality pair of shoes can be a daunting thought. How comfy will they be? Are they going to give me blisters? What if they drive me crazy?


Well, stress no more because we’ve got some industry secrets to help you break in your lovely new shoes, without the drama.


From wearing shoes without socks to machine washing your shoes, there are endless misconceptions on tips for making your shoes more comfortable. Some methods can not only damage your new shoes, but they may even be the cause of more pain. Why not try a few tricks that won’t be harmful for your new vegan shoes and will help to prevent that dreaded foot pain…

Here are 5, simple, no cost suggestions:


01.  Prevention

When it comes to new footwear, we all know (unlike vegan accessories) vegan shoes can take a bit of time to break in. This is why it’s so important to get to know your common blister hotspots, so that you can prevent them from occurring. If you’re ever unsure, walk around in your new shoes until you notice some pressure points. To give you a heads up, the most common hotspots include the heels, and the sides and tops of your toes. 


Once you’ve identified your hotspots, the key is keeping dry areas well moisturized (since dry skin only increases friction) and protecting the hotspots by covering them. For example, this can be done easily with blister prevention products such as bandages or padding roll. These prevention methods may just revolutionize your new shoe experience.

02.  Thick socks

If you’re finding your new shoes are a bit too snug for your liking, even if it’s just in certain spots, thick socks could be the answer. The key is to keep the thick socks on whilst wearing the shoes, even if its while you sit and drink your morning coffee or under your desk whilst you work.


For those of you who want overnight results, placing thick socks over shoe shapers and leaving them in your shoes whilst you sleep may just do the trick. Easy peasy.

03. The hairdryer method

For instant results, applying heat onto new shoes can help to stretch and soften them in no time. It’s important to note that unfortunately it won’t work on all materials (let’s maybe leave vegan sneakers out of this) since heat can be damaging to some synthetic materials. The hairdryer method works best with leather, and also works a treat on our vegan leather shoes.


To get started, you need to put on a thick pair of socks. Next, grab your hairdryer and blast one shoe until it is warm and soft, this should take around 1 minute. Place the shoe on your foot and then repeat this process with the other shoe. Run or walk in your shoes as they cool down, the longer you can keep them on the better. Lastly, replace your thick socks with normal socks and see how the shoes feel. You can of course repeat the process if they still feel tight.


04. Laces

The importance of tying your laces properly is often forgotten with the new shoe process. Whether you’re wearing fresh white sneakers or womens boots, not lacing your shoes well enough can lead to blisters from heel slippage.


The key is to find a good middle ground, laced tightly enough that your foot (particularly your heel) will stay in place, but not so tight that your feet can’t breathe. The break in stage, especially with vegan boots, is the perfect time to find your laces happy medium.

05. Have patience


Finally, it’s important to note that all good quality shoes will take time to break in. This is because the more you wear them, the more they become accustomed to your feet.


Wearing them for small bursts, little and often, opts for an easy break in. If possible, wear them around your house so that you can take them off if you need to. Before their first full day out, you should aim to have worn them for a total of at least 10-15 hours. This should make your feet more comfortable.


Now that you’re covered on how to break them in, learn all about how to clean your vegan shoes here.



Have a wonderful day!

The NAE Team


Madeleine Bird

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