How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

11 April 2023

How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

How to break in new shoes (including vegan shoes) without the pain

These are the essential tips on how to break in new vegan shoes you've just bought.


Let's be honest: break in new shoes can be a less than positive and perhaps even frustrating experience. Will they be comfortable? Will they give me blisters? What if they drive me crazy? We propose putting an end to that stress. Find out how just right away.


From wearing shoes without socks to machine washing your shoes, there are endless misconceptions on tips for making your vegan shoes more comfortable. Some methods can not only damage your new shoes, but can also cause more pain and discomfort. That's why we've created a list of tips that protect your feet while preserving your shoes, whether they're vegan or not.


3 tips for to break in new vegan shoes successfully

01. Haste makes waste

When it comes to new shoes, we all know that it can take a while to adapt (...unlike accessories!). That's why it's so important to get to know your common blister hotspots, so that you can prevent them from occurring. Wearing shoes at home can be uncomfortable sometimes, but it's one of the best tips we can give you because it will give your feet time to adapt, because you can always take them off when you feel any discomfort. You've already realized that adaption is THE word here, right? : )

If you’re ever unsure, walk around in your new shoes until you notice some pressure points. To give you a heads up, the most common hotspots include the heels, and the sides and tops of your toes.

Another tip, that you can thank us later, is to use a thick layer of cream on your feet before putting on the shoes, to stop your foot from slipping around from side to side and ending up covered in blisters. P.S - this is a valuable tip especially if you live in a dry climate or suffer from dry skin.


02. THE power of socks

Chunky socks. This tip will revolutionize your experience of breaking new shoes. If they're a bit tight, even if it’s just in certain spots, chunky socks could be the answer, not only do they function as a barrier to protect your feet, but they also help stretch out the shoes whatever they’re made of. Try it at home.


Or, you can placing chunky socks over shoe shapers and leaving them in your shoes whilst you sleep. And, if you're still wondering if you can wear them with sandals, the answer is yes: )



03. Fitting shoes properly is an art


But calm down, we're talking about a very simple art: whether they're sandals, flat shoes, sneakers or boots, it’s important to fasten footwear tightly to stop your foot from slipping around from side to side and ending up covered in blisters. The key is to find a good middle ground, laced tightly enough that your foot (particularly your heel) will stay in place, but not so tight that your feet can’t breathe.


Long story short, wearing new vegan shoes for small bursts, little and often, opts for an easy break in, will make it easier for your feet to adapt. Whenever possible, do it at home and use creams or socks if necessary.


Have an amazing day!


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