What Customers Say About Us: Consumer Insights for NAE

18 January 2023

What Customers Say About Us: Consumer Insights for NAE

What Customers Say About Us: Consumer Insights for NAE

NAE Vegan Shoes is committed to bringing sustainable fashion alternatives to traditional footwear. Offering the same great styles as other shoe brands with an animal-friendly twist, we help you to accessorize and feel great about what you wear.

To improve your experience, we asked how people felt about our brand and looked for areas where we could do better. In this article, we will explore some of the insights that we received based on your feedback.

Market Insights from Shoppers

We asked several hundred customers and shoppers to give us feedback on shopping with NAE. Let’s explore the insights they shared.


While we pride ourselves on making shoes that look great, we are proud to announce that customers also agree that NAE shoes feel great too. The comfort offered by our shoes plays a key role in what makes people enjoy NAE so much as a brand. We are thrilled to know that our shoes are comfortable for regular wear. 


Providing high-quality vegan shoes is our goal, and everyone agrees that NAE offers exceptional quality. When asked, shoppers shared that NAE shoes were durable and offered an attractive design, all for an affordable price.

The experience and perceived value of our shoes are in alignment, which we are very proud of. However, it is also clear that many of you would like to see more shoe options available, which we will be working on in the future.


Online shopping offers a different experience every time you visit a new website, and not all experiences are positive. Fortunately, shoppers agree that it is easy to find NAE products online, and the entire purchase process is quick, easy, and comfortable—as long as your size and color preferences are available. Shoppers also shared that the return process was simple to follow when they needed to manage a return or exchange. We are glad that our website makes it easy for you to choose NAE, and we will continue to expand our size and color options so you can always find what you are looking for.


Making products that are designed for different bodies can be difficult. At NAE, we want you to feel confident that what you see online will match what you receive. When asked, shoppers agreed that NAE met their expectations across the board, including color, size, quality, and comfort.

With that being said, that doesn’t mean that we always hit the mark. Among the top reasons for returns were mentions of the size and fit, so we still have room to improve. Given this, we will continue to work hard to provide shoes that match every fit and style.

Customer Service

We love hearing from our customers, even if it isn’t for a positive reason. The NAE staff prioritizes customer service above all else. For shoppers, this approach has made a huge difference. Many shoppers enjoyed a positive experience with our customer service department. In response to your feedback, we will be exploring how to expedite our reimbursement process when you request a return.


If there is one area of improvement we know we can work on, it is awareness. There were quite a few people who had never heard of NAE or purchased any of our products. Going forward, we will continue to explore new outreach methods to help more people learn about sustainable, vegan shoes.

NAE’s Commitment to Growth and Improvement

At NAE, we aim to provide vegan shoes that offer No Animal Exploitation (NAE), and we hope to change the shoe market forever. By offering animal-friendly and responsibly-sourced shoe alternatives that celebrate the planet without harming it, we help bring sustainability to the fashion industry like never before.

Thank you for supporting our brand and our commitment to eco-friendly and animal-friendly fashion. We look forward to improving our sustainable shoes so even more people can choose vegan footwear! 

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