Veggie World has arrived in Lisbon!

24 May 2019

Veggie World has arrived in Lisbon!

Veggie World has arrived in Lisbon!

Veggie World has arrived in Lisbon and is ready to spread some good old vegan vibes.


For us, in Portugal, it starts tomorrow, but other cities in Europe have different dates. You can buy your tickets and check out when a city near you hosts it here.


This is an opportunity not only to learn more about nutrition, and how to make a healthy transition to a Vegan diet, but also to meet new people, and find some greener alternatives to our lifestyle. There are ethical clothing brands, magnificent plant-based cuisine and some fabulous cruelty free cosmetics. You will have a great time losing yourself in all this love and creativity.


There is a lot we can do to make the world a greener place. Learning about all the things we are doing that counter that, can be very overwhelming. That’s why events like veggie world are so important. They bring together all the people who want to make a change and shine a light on the best side of Veganism. We can learn how colorful and delicious food can be, without losing any nutritional value, and get to know some fabulous ethical brands and a lot of inspiring people.


This is an event worth traveling for. Since it started in Germany, many german cities host it thru out the year.  Can you find a better excuse for a getway weekend in Berlin?

All this love has been spreading for some time, so you can find the veggie world in countries like Poland, Denmark and Spain. That’s right Barcelona hosts this amazing event in October 2019. And if you drop by don't forget to come over to our new store. We can’t wait to see you there!


Worried you won’t be welcome if you’re not Vegan nor Plant-based?


Don’t be! This is about sharing knowledge. As we’ve said many times before, reducing our consumption habits makes a great impact! You only must bring an open mind and a passion for life. Veganism and Plant based are a lifestyle. Something that transcends diet. It’s a way of living with care for ourselves and everything that surrounds us. A mindful existence. To feel all the feelings and irradiate love no matter the cost.


Don’t lose this opportunity to find more about this life changing lifestyle!


Have a beautiful day,



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