Vegan Choices of Nour Livia

09 October 2020

Vegan Choices of Nour Livia

Vegan Choices of Nour Livia
Hey there! My name is Nour, and I am very excited to share my top 5 current vegan choices.
But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I have a deep passion for everything that has to do with self-care/wellbeing, as well as sustainability, ethical behaviors and health in all its forms. Basically, taking good care of yourself to take good care of the world, and vice-versa. I love learning about those topics, and when I learn something new, I feel like it is my duty to share it with the world. This is why I have decided to become active on social media, where I enjoy discussing those topics and educating my audience. You can find me on Youtube, on Instagram and on my website. I even wrote 3 ebooks on those topics that you can find here.

Vegan Journey

For a long time, I felt like something was not aligning in my life. It had to do with the importance I give to ethics, and respecting life in all its forms. Until I stumbled upon veganism.

I have now been vegan for over 4 years, and I would never go back. Actually, I can’t even imagine how I could ever not be vegan, as it is now engrained in all aspects of my life, and consuming non-vegan products (whether it is food or not) doesn’t even cross my mind. It’s not even an option.

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested many brands and products, but I definitely have my favorites, so let’s jump into it! Which is why I have decided to create this website where I want to talk and educate about the environment, health, ethics, self-care and many other things.

Vegan Choices

1. Sandals from Nae

I spent all summer wearing these vegan sandals and absolutely loved them! Not only are they super comfy, but I also love how simple they look. They’re made of Pinatex, which is a type of leather made from Pineapple. I had been hearing about Pinatex for a while and was very curious about it but never had a chance to try it out, so I was over the moon when I got those shoes! I absolutely love that the brand is all vegan and advertising for it, as well as sustainably made in Portugal, where I currently live.

2.  Watch from Nordgreen

In an effort to be more mindful and more in the present moment, I had been looking for a good watch for a very long time, so I would avoid looking at my phone when I want to check the time. The thing is, it’s so hard to find a beautiful, sustainable, ethical and affordable watch that I kinda gave up... until I stumbled upon this one from Nordgreen!
Nordgreen is a Scandinavian watch brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love that the straps are interchangeable and they also have a wide variety of vegan options, including a high quality vegan leather.

3.  Jewelry by Inspiration Her

Handmade in Portugal, the jewelry from Inspiration Her is high quality, affordable and delightfully delicate. I had the chance to meet Gabriele, who created the brand, and knowing how lovely and adorable she is made me like the brand even more!
I’ve been wearing her necklaces and earrings almost everyday for over 6 months, and the 14k gold filled products are still in perfect condition. I am definitely planning on getting more from her (as I’m writing this I am actually checking out her website haha).

4.  My plants

I had been wanting to get into urban gardening (because I live in a city apartment with barely any outdoor space (just a little balcony) for a long time, but never quite found the time to do it… Until Covid hit! Quarantine was the perfect moment to dive into it, and I can tell you that I definitely haven’t gotten bored of it! Not only am I taking care of my pretty plants, but I’ve also started growing my own food (leafy greens, microgreens, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, basil, cilantro… I’m kinda being overtaken by the food I am growing, but I still can’t wait to have an actual garden so I can grow as much food as possible! If you’ve never done it, you can’t even imagine the pleasure of eating food you’ve given time, energy and love growing yourself. It’s indescriptible.

5.  Full Of Plants blog

I’ve never really been one to follow a specific food blog. But then, I discovered Full Of Plants. It was only a few months ago, but I’ve been astonished.
I’ve always loved to cook, and even more so since I went vegan, so I can impress my non-vegan friends and make them more curious about veganism. I even wrote a recipe book that you can find on my website!
A couple of months ago, I was looking to take my skills to the next level by making vegan cheese. That’s when I stumbled upon Full Of Plants, as Thomas (the chef behind the blog) has a free ebook on the topic. It is now one of the few newsletter I am subscribed to and I love trying out his recipes!

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