Vegan brownie for dessert

07 February 2020

Vegan brownie for dessert

Vegan brownie for dessert

This week we want to show you how you can do a vegan brownie for dessert, without missing one bit of taste!
You know how much we love to share recipes that are:

  • Vegan;
  • Cruelty-Free;
  • Healthy;

And Very delicious!

Even though global warming shook our seasons up a bit, it’s still winter in the Northern hemisphere. This means some of us need some extra warmth! This vegan gluten-free brownie will warm you from the inside out. It’s pure love that tastes like chocolate, and will bring some sunshine into your life, regardless of the weather!

In all honesty, this is fabulous regardless of the hemisphere, temperature or any other external thing that might be bothering you right now.

Our Recommendation for later

We also recommend eating it slowly and quietly, preferably next to a window. If there isn’t a beautiful view, the sky will be there with its dancing clouds! And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear the birds sing. Isn’t that just beautiful? You will also smell freshly made tea in your favorite cup, and the world will stop for a little while. Who can argue with the magic power of both tea and chocolate? Make it even more special and take this time to meditate. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Just breathe and pay attention to every bite and feel every sip. Let yourself enjoy this moment. Allow yourself to take a real break. You deserve it! 

Vegan Brownie for Dessert

This recipe comes from a dear friend that has already shared some of her lovely cuisine with us here. Filipa Silva, is a Portuguese designer living in Australia. She was kind enough to turn her blog into a YouTube channel where we can see the magic happening in real time!

These are the Ingredients you will need:

  • 500g of cooked pumpkin;
  • 6 dried figs soaked in ¼ cup of water;
  • 60g almond flour;
  • 60g of buckwheat flour;
  • 15g carob powder;
  • 15g of pure cacao powder;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • 1 tsp of cinnamon;
  • Coconut oil

Here, you will find a beautiful video showing you how to turn all these ingredients into one amazing and vegan brownie!

We will love to see pictures of your own vegan gluten-free brownie! Tag us or send them to us, we can’t wait to see you getting creative with it!

Have a beautiful day,


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