Travelling Vegan Class

25 October 2019

Travelling Vegan Class

Travelling Vegan Class

Wouldn’t you like to travel and stay in Hotels where you could simply trust that everything was Vegan friendly?

Places where you could really enjoy yourself without having to worry about every food choice, every seemingly leather couch… A place where everything around you was aligned with your beliefs. It seems dreamy right?

We can’t think of a better way to relax and recharge. And that’s why this week we have a list of the most precious Vegan hotels for when you need to retreat, get that self-care in order, so that you can go back to the world like the fabulous and fierce creature you are!

is the sustainable paradise you have been waiting for. Located in the Maldives, this place makes sure it doesn’t harm the Natural habitat it is occupying, and that your Vegan needs are taken cared of. The Vegan menu offers you the most fresh legumes and delicious combos. The luxurious apartment’s pools are facing the sea. The water couldn’t be clearer, and as you step outside, white beautiful sand welcomes your feet. The Décor is minimalistic and it blends in perfection with the gorgeous flora of the island.

This next gem is a European beauty. Agriturismo Coroncina
is an Italian farm, where the history is intertwined with the Natural landscape. Therefore, sustainability and veganism are the setting stones of this beautiful project. There is a bio-pool, which means it’s made of resin for little impact, and the menu ingredients come from the farm itself. This means that the Menu is Vegan, and it changes with the Harvests.
The decoration is based on earthly tones and textures, to enhance the connection between your inner self and Nature. This is a place for silence, introspection, and peace of mind. To heal yourself while taking care of m«Mother Nature. You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated!

If you prefer the North of European culture, Trautwein is the place for you.
Located on the “La Roche” vine, it is perfect for hiking and discover the country side. The rooms are decorated accordingly, and they are spacious and relaxing. The cuisine is also strictly Vegan and there are even Raw vegan meals available. And the best part of this beautiful place? When you get to your balcony, as you sit and enjoy the magnificent view, with a glass of delicious wine, your dog can be right there with you! Because they want you to enjoy all these Vegan wonders with your best furry little friends. That’s what we call the perfect animal friendly place!

And what about some Ayurveda holidays for a deeper connection with yourself and Nature? We found the ultimate soulful Hotel! Kalari Kovilakom it’s a magical place where the meals are not only vegan, but they are prepared with peace, love and knowledge that goes back hundreds of years.

This old renewed palace will feel like an absolute dream. It’s beautifully decorated, to invoke harmony with Earth itself. From the yoga classes to all the open air common areas, your soul is going to thank you forever!  Not only are the vegetables grown locally, they also grow Ayurveda medicine plants, operate a solar plant and cook with bio gas.
This is a place to heal, where you can choose a program like Stress Management, or Healthy Aging Cleansing, and let yourself be guided to a better and lighter version of yourself. It can seam strict at first, but you will leave this Ayurveda palace floating on air!

Hope you liked our suggestions! Vegan Hotels are out there spreading and this list is just the tip of the Iceberg! And like the Icebergs we are trying to maintain, explore it, love it and tell us all about your experiences when travelling vegan!

Have a beautiful day,


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