15 September 2020



From the gym to the office, sneakers have become a cross-cutting element to all genders, tastes, styles and budgets. Nowadays, access to sustainable materials and the development of productiontechniques allow us to counteract the fast fashion culture, which prioritizes the mass production and quick/disposable consume of fashion products. It has also become possible to produce sustainable sneakers that are not only cruelty-free but also free of plastic, nickel, animal leather and many other harmful materials for us and our planet.

NAE sneakers excel by their versatility, an interesting feature for those who try to bring circular fashion into their lives or create their own capsule wardrobe. The comfort of NAE sneakers allows you to combine them with jeans to go out with friends or with a more casual look for a day full of work or classes.

To mark the beginning of this school term and work year, we decided to bring you our NAE sneakers Top 10. Every sneaker featured on this list could become your go-to vegan sneakers... Which one (or which ones) would you choose? 

10. Re-Pet Red (unisex)

We start off with the Re-Pet sneakers for the originality of the concept: they're made of PET, a material produced with recycled plastic bottles. Also available in blue, black and grey, we highlight the red model because of this trendy "velvet effect". Moreover, the contrast between the two colors of this vegan sneaker makes black or denim pants always a good option.

9. Bare Gold Piñatex (woman) 

Bare shoes are available in black, white and gold. And, of course, we had to choose the gold model for our top 10. Do you know the famous expression "a little party never killed nobody"? If these vegan sneakers had a motto, this one would totally nail it.

The Bare Gold Piñatex bring a little light to the simplest outfit and perfectly complement that most festive outfit we keep in our closets for special occasions. This versatility is also due to the comfort of these vegan sneakers made of piñatex - a material made with pineapple leaf fibers. Festive and eco-friendly. What else do we need?  

8. Airbag Pink (unisex) 

The eighth place goes to the Pink Airbag model for its original and sharp contrast between black and pink. Besides that, these unisex sneakers stand out for their production material: recycled airbag, resulting in fresh and ecological water-resistant vegan sneakers. Available in white, blue and green, we chose to highlight the pink model to remind that colors have no gender or limits of usage. We imagine the Pink Airbag as the standing-out piece of an outfit in white, black or neutral colors. What about you?

7. Efe Cotton (man) 

The Efe model is back with the new Autumn/Winter 2020collection. But this time, the Efe vegan sneakers arrive with new materials and production techniques. Our seventh place goes to the Efe model made of organic cotton, with two old gold nickel-free zippers, since nickel is one of the most harmful materials used in the traditional footwear industry.

These vegan slip-on sneakers come to you this season in a more casual, sportive and practical version thanks to the texture of cotton. But do you believe it is also possible to have an Efe model in a more classic and formal touch? Keep reading our top 10 (or, for the curious ones, skip directly to position 4).


6. Basic White Piñatex (unisex) 

Less is more. The Basic White Piñatex sneakers stand out thanks to the simplicity of white and piñatex, an eco-friendly material made of pineapple leaves that forms this rough and original texture. Combine these vegan sneakers with a formal or informal styling; colorful or monochromatic; for indoors or outdoors. With a versatile and adaptable design like this, every styling option works out. Also available in black.

5. Okul Metal (woman) 

Meet the (shining) star of our "moon boots" fans. Okul Metal may not take us to the moon (yet!), but they certainly take us to the 80's with this lunatic and platinum style so characteristic of that era. This vegan boot was inspired by the "ankle sneaker" style and it is made with an ecological microfiber. Bring a little shine to your closet and everyday clothes.

4. Efe Brown (man) 

Here they are. The same Efe from the eighth place, but in a smooth and classic vegan leather version. They’re also a new-in item from our new AW2020 collection: Off.home. Efe Brown offers a more versatile option: ideal for a dinner out with friends and the work meeting of the following day.

The best thing about the Efe vegan sneakers is that, over the years, we've customized the model with five different options of styles, materials and finishing touches. What's your favorite version of these vegan sneakers? In vegan leather, piñatex, cork or organic cotton? We risk saying that we have options for all tastes.


3. Coline Nude (woman) 

We've reached the top 3! The bronze medal goes to Coline Nude, the model that perfectly matches the design and shape of modern design. These vegan sneakers have thermoplastic rubber soles and polyester laces. The model is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial, preventing the development of bad odors. The nude color brings adaptability to the sneakers, that can be combined with several styles, patterns and colors.

2. Reclaim Sneakers (unisex) 

We saved the silver medal of our top 10 for the only vegan sneakers we launched in Off.home, our Autumn/Winter 2020 collection. The Reclaim sneakers are available in black and grey.

They are unisex vegan sneakers made from recycled plastic bottles, with a lining lined with 100% organic cotton and natural vulcanized rubber sole. The recycling stamp on the side reminds us of the origin of these vegan sneakers, taken from the polluted oceans and transposed to a new shape, life and usage.

1. Nilo Navy Blue (unisex)

In 2019, NAE Vegan Shoes launched the RE-MOVEcampaign, a project to raise awareness of the billions of tons of plastic floating in our oceans. Nile shoes were one of the models selected to represent a project that offers sustainable footwear made with plastic collected from the oceans and other recycled materials.

The first place in our Top 10: Vegan Sneakers is attributed to the Nile Blue for its Oxford design, the elegance of its color and revolutionary concept behind its production. These vegan sneakers are also available in red, black and grey.



We hope you find your perfect fit of vegan sneakers.

Have a beautiful day!

With love,

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