The Fashion Revolution Week

22 April 2019

The Fashion Revolution Week

The Fashion Revolution Week

As the name entails, a revolution is in hand. More or less informed you probably already heard the rumor that the people who make your clothes might not be having the best time doing them.


In two days, it will be 6 years since the disaster in the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. The warnings and concerns from the workers weren’t heard. People were forced to work regardless of their precarious working conditions. Almost 6 years ago that building collapsed on top of more than 1000 innocent people and children were among them.


1.138 people lost their lives and 2500 were injured in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. This horrifying tale woke up a lot of people in the west, and it marks the birth of the Fashion Revolution. A Community that is spreading thru all the corners of the world that gives people the instruments to fight for justice for all workers, and for the planet. Everyone is in, from designers, to academics, to business leaders, to policy makers, without forgetting the consumers. Fashion Revolution believes that there is a place for everyone when it comes to making the world a better place.


Even though we still have a long way to go, the results of this movement have been amazing! Fast fashion brands like Zara and G Star Raw, amongst many others, have given out information about the factories and the workers that manufacture their clothes. On one hand this is a drop in the ocean, on the other is something that 6 years ago was unthinkable. Several celebrities have also joined, people like Emma Watson that have a large audience and are perfect to share this message of love, compassion and hope.


April is the chosen Month for the Fashion Revolution Week, and it happens all over the World. You can check the exact dates and events in your country here.


Today marks the beginning of the Portuguese Fashion Revolution week and we couldn’t be more excited!


Around this time people all over the world take selfies with the hashtag #whomademyclothes, and post them all over social media. The goal is to raise awareness, so that more people demand that all brands take responsibility for their impact in Nature, and in people’s lives. Here you can find free cool posters that you can print out and take a selfie with, or take to the streets to spread the word! There are also lots of other free materials to help you join the cause and make a difference, like letters to send to Brands and Policy makers. Really anything you need, Fashion Revolution has got you covered!


Organizations like these are super important because they create community, a sense of empowerment for both the people who want to fight for the cause, and for the people whose hands are tied and need others to fight with them, to know they are not alone, invisible and forgotten. Our voices become louder and more effective, we become a catalyst for change. So we urge you to join this beautiful place, online and offline. Sharing a picture online with the hashtag #whomademyclothes can be a conversation starter amongst your friends.


Maybe people won’t change their ways overnight but at least the seed was planted. That’s how any revolution begins, and it’s far more impactful than you can imagine. Sharing Ethical brands shows that there is a sustainable alternative to Fast Fashion. Talking about everything that the Fashion Industry entails just goes to show how powerful it is and therefore how magnificent it could be. The years of frivolous clothes need to be put behind us. Fashion is fabulous. Not just for the consumer, Fashion has the capacity to be fabulous for everyone involved. From the people who gained all the confidence they needed to make great things, when they put on that outfit, to the people who sown it with freedom and joy, to the Natural resources that were properly used and continue to blossom.


Let’s stand for the Fashion Revolution, for a society where we all thrive.


Take a look at the events in Portugal. We hope to see you there .


Have a beautiful day,


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