The Blooming SS23 Collection

06 March 2023

The Blooming SS23 Collection

The Blooming SS23 Collection

During the winter, Nature observes how we treat her. In spring and summer, when the light fills us and excites us, it’s in these moments that we manage to live the best version of ourselves.
Every year, Nature presents us with its most beautiful time, the season of flowers. Blooming is about love, light, care, and colour. This reminds us that we should repay such a gift with our full and eternal love to her.


NAE Vegan Shoes, therefore, invites you toBloom anew with our 2023 spring/summer collection. This luxury line-up embodies the bright yet cool freshness of a new spring, and the liveliness and joy of a busy summer in every arch and strap.

We have lovingly curated a collection of fine footwear, primarilyheeled sandals and soft vegan leather bags, to enliven your wardrobe this 2023.

Each shoe is crafted from the very best sustainable materials, such as apple leather, organic cotton, and natural cork; carefully designed to invoke the vibrant feeling of the seasons with the quality and style you expect from us.

Iris is our sophisticated take on the classic heeled sandal, perfect for warm summer afternoons at work, or dinner with friends on a cool, sunny evening. These heeled women’s sandals are presented in a striking black, and made out of apple leather. They also bear a T-strap mule design, perfect for an airy feeling between your toes.

Ambro is a sandal with three microfibre, vegan leather straps, and an insole made from natural cork; the ideal summery sandal for walking the cobbled streets of Lisbon.

Flora is a simple yet feminine vegan suede ballerina flat, lined with eco-friendly microfibres; a cruelty-free take on a classic style, which works to provide a classy touch to any outfit.

The collection also introduces a choice selection of bags for your spring/summer style. We primarily used apple leather as the material, as it’s sustainable, eco-friendly, and most importantly, doesn’t harm our animal friends. Apple leather is created from the waste product produced by the apple juice industry, a resourceful way of recycling organic refuse.

Our various styles allow for a good diversity of usages, enabling you to style a bag for work, recreation, or everyday errands. Our black satchel and messenger bag, the Tara, is made from vegan leather, perfect for keeping busy and making a splash in your workplace.

Other bags in this collection include the Ame mini backpack, an option for those who like to travel light. For those of you who just can’t leave the house unprepared, Ame has a big sister product, the Mika backpack, for a full-sized style. Our other bags include the Nori, a small black cross-body bag; and the Saya, a women’s handbag which comes in a fetching pale beige.

All our shoes are manufactured in a system free of CO2 emissions and animal cruelty. By presenting our products in materials such as apple leather and organic cotton, we hope to normalise the use of them, and many other amazing plant-based materials, within the fashion industry. We hope you enjoy the collection and look forward to continuing to innovate in our future ranges.

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