The apps that are helping the world during quarantine

03 April 2020

The apps that are helping the world during quarantine

The apps that are helping the world during quarantine

This week we want to share with you the apps that are helping the world through the quarantine. Though we are confined to our homes, technology and arts allow us to keep connected with the world. Thatís why we looked for the best online resources to enrich our real life.

If you need to rest and recharge batteries, there is an app that can help you! If the goal is to make the most of this period by learning something new, there is also an app for that! You can wave goodbye to fear and boredom, because these digital gifts will heal almost all of your sorrow.


Physical activity is fundamental to both mental and physical health. If youíre still skeptical about it here is an article that will take you straight from the couch to the next marathon. But does it really have to be a marathon? If the idea of going to a gym has never warmed your heart, then itís time time to explore a whole variety of different ways to counter a sedentary lifestyle.

Fit on doesnít only has a panoply of traditional exercises for fitness lovers, it also has more alternative options to those who still havenít found what makes them move. Believe it or not, quieter lessons like yoga or pilates can be as efficient as an intense cycling session.


Insight Timer is an app that offers a variety of guided meditations, and also a simple timer with relaxing sounds. If you havenít been converted to the power of silence yet, you can try meditating for 5 minutes a day for a week. There isnít a better way to start living life more softly.

As we mentioned in our last article, there are lots of different ways to meditate. If you prefer trying to paint mandalas while listening to Alice Phoebe Lou, here is an app called colorfy.


The most important thing is that you feel good while doing it and more relaxed by the end of it.

meditation- quarantine-covid19


Perfecting the art of cooking is fundamental not only for our health but also for our planet and for our spirit. The pan becomes the canvas and your pantry is the limit.

In this article we talk about a number of different apps that help us in our journey through veganism.

Our favorite one is forks over knives. Here you can find healthy, delicious and easy recipes. Thereís nothing more essential in a time when our immune system should be at its best.

cooking- quarantine-covid19

Series & Movies

How would it be like to exist in a world where series and movies wouldnít constantly premiere in a screen close to us? It certainly happened. However, nowadays itís almost unimaginable not following at least one series at the same time we devour a different and exciting movies.

You can find almost everything at whimsy prices in the following apps:


And to the indie cinema lovers:



How many books are waiting for you to be read? Time fleets and tiredness lead us to easier ways to entertain ourselves. The time has arrived for us to read. With the app Audible you can listen, instead of reading books. Yes, that also counts. This way you can relax and go back to using your imagination. Do you remember when we needed to imagine our favorite characters?

For the ones who prefer a more traditional reading session, what about amazon kindle. There are thousands of books at your disposal, so have fun!

Music & Podcasts

We are talking about the gift of Spotify and Apple music! Here you can explore the discography of the most ancestral bands and the most recent, from all genres. Podcasts came to fill the void left by pirate radios, and they will fill your world with new ideas and a lot of fun! Believe us, you can find anything in these platforms.

music- quarantine-covid19

The price of extremely accessible art

Having so much Art available to us is beautiful, but it has a price. Democracy stands on public education and the populationís freedom of thought. However, art classes, that teach us how to think for ourselves and rethink our reality, are normally seen as secondary. There is a reason why the countries we consider most developed, are also the ones who most support the arts. Right now Germany is injecting 50 millions into culture. This doesnít happen by accident.

Art is essential for life. Without art, there wouldnít be creative thinking, and we would still be living in caves.

Arts are saving us from solitude while conjuring ways for us to feel closer together. Itís vital that we support contemporary artists, because these are the people with the least amount of economic stability. Can you imagine a world without Frida Kahlo, Star Wars or even Fashion?


As we wrote last week, the over consumption of news can transform us into beings that live terrified and always exhausted. In times like this itís important to filter and be aware of the good news.

Reading only 2 of our favorite newspapers once a day is more than enough and they certainly exist as apps already.

For the good news we recommend: Good news and goodgoodgoodco. The second one isnít an app, but itís an amazing source of hopeful and bright news!

Keep talking with your favorite people

Continuing to talk with friends and family, especially through video calls is super important for our mental health. We arenít programmed to be alone for so long. Use the great apps at your disposal like InstagramWhatsapp and Houseparty to keep checking in with your loved ones.

Itís vital that no one is left behind. Facebook, can be a great platform to find places to volunteer online and offline. This is a time for social distancing, that doesnít mean we should be lonely. Our community needs us and we need it.

If you can go shopping maybe you can post about offering help to do so. Sometimes the smallest gestures have the greatest impact.

Social Media

When panic and anxiety haunts us. At the center of the cyclone, few will remember to do yoga and meditate. When you feel like the floor was pulled from under your feet, sit down and hold a pillow. And then, let yourself be taken by the simple and adorable videos of apps like Instagram and Tik Tok.

There isnít a problem that kittens and puppies canít solve! 🙂

dog- quarantine-covid19

Accounts like The dodo will restore your faith in mankind while you discover the most adorable creatures of our planet. These platforms are perfect for us to meet other humans that share the same interests as us! You can see the world through your phone, and that changes everything. There isnít other place where the similarities between people from different cultures are so clear. This is the perfect time to emphasize what brings us together!

We hope you liked our recommendations. Tell us in the comments below which are your favorite apps!

Have a beautiful day,


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