The ABC’s of Veganism

12 April 2019

The ABC’s of Veganism

The ABC’s of Veganism

Being a Vegan is much more than not to consume any animal products, it’s a way of living.   


But let’s focus on food now!


Vegan delight with all the vegetables, seeds and grains Nature has to offer.


Now the big question is, are we strong and healthy?


Let’s start by what’s usually the biggest concern. You might think it’s just in meat, but you can find protein in lots of delicious veggies! Broccoli, spinach and pees are only some of them. You can also find healthy amounts of protein in beans and grains. Our usual rule of thumb is a colorful plate. The more color it has, the more ingredients and nutrients!



We’re sure you’ve already seen the breakfast trend. That my friend is a piece of paradise. Waking up to a bowl of fresh fruits, oats and almond milk. You’ll see that you never felt fuller and more energized! And contrary to popular believe it is not more expensive to be vegan. Unless you fall madly in love with avocados and all that tropical magic, you can be a healthy vegan on a budget.



When you change your diet it’s really important to learn about nutrition and how to listen to your own body. The number of nutritionists that are willing to support your transition to Veganism is increasing by the hour, so you don’t have to go throught it alone. Regardless of the diet you choose, running a blood test every year is also a great way to make sure your body is getting all the good stuff it needs.


There are two Vitamins you should pay close attention too, that are usually missing, not only in Vegans but also in a lot of other people. They are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Vitamin B12 can be found in animal products, but also in some algae, nutritional yeast or in the form of a supplement.


It is really that simple. And how to cure the lack of Vitamin D? Well, you can also take a vegan supplement, but there is a much better way to do it. Just spend a bit more time under the greatest vitamin D producer, the Sun! It differs from person to person, but many doctors have prescribed half an hour of sunbathing without sunscreen in the morning, so that you can fully absorb all that good energy!



Worried that in your country that might not be possible? Just pack your bags and come to our beautiful land for a self care get away. Anywhere you choose, from North to South the sun will be waiting for you, in a peaceful beach next to some delicious vegan food. Hospitality is our middle name, so any restaurant will gladly turn a typical dish into a vegan version of it. But thankfully, Portugal has more and more Vegan restaurants, and Vegan options that will leave you crying for more.


We will leave you some recommendations right here:


Starting with Porto, where you will meet the nicest people and attend the coolest parties, we recommend Lado B, this place has developed a Vegan version of the Francesinha, the most traditional Porto dish. Trust us when we say this dish will give you all the energy you’ll need to discover all those Porto hidden details. daTerra is also a great option since it specializes in vegetarian and vegan food. You can also attend one of their workshops to find out how to better implement Veganism into your lifestyle. To finish the day, you can go to Apuro a beautiful and relaxed Vegan bar, with life events and the most sociable cats. Who can resist that?



In Lisbon you will have a bit more choice. We recommend Jardim dos Sentidos for its atmosphere. There’s even an adorable Patio where you can get a massage before your Vegan meal. Aren’t you feeling more relaxed and alive just by imagining this scenario?


Cozinha de Alecrim doesn’t only have the most beautifully plated Vegan dishes, but it also has the best Vegan cakes to eat with their bio expresso. We must also tell you all about 26 Vegan Food projecta lovely corner of Lisbon that praises itself for its healthy and delicious masterpieces. Now for the South lovers, who can’t get enough sand under their feet, we recommend the Alfarroba Café. The food is all organic, and locally produced. They are opposed to processed foods and chemicals. So they will offer you the most Natural meal to match that incredible blue horizon.


Tell us all about your experience with Veganism down below!


Have a beautiful day,



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