Spring has sprung; meet this month's bestselling vegan shoes

29 April 2021

Spring has sprung; meet this month's bestselling vegan shoes

Spring has sprung; meet this month's bestselling vegan shoes

Wondering what’s been flying off the sustainable fashion shelves? Think timeless vegan sandals and limitless sneakers. Which vegan shoes will you pair up with?

With technological developments advancing every day, people and businesses alike are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are moving away from fast fashion. This is an essential move, considering, as CNN reports “the fashion industry contributes more to climate change than all international flights and maritime shipping combined”. Advancements are allowing consumers to increasingly make more sustainable choices, without having to compromise on style.


Our most popular shoes are loved for a reason, they are versatile, effortlessly stylish, and most importantly kind to the animals and the planet. So, whether you’re hunting down this season’s most sought after vegan shoes, or you’re simply looking for a bit of summer shoe inspiration, we’ve got you covered…


Let’s introduce you to Darco


Impossible not to love, these unisex vegan sandals are so versatile it’ll be hard to take them off. They’re easy on your conscience, with the dark minty green sandals made from Re-PET,  an innovative eco-friendly material made from plastic bottles.


But fear not, if you prefer your footwear to be in the shade of classic black or effortlessly off-white, these well-made comfortable sandals have got you covered too, only this time they’re made out of Piñatex. Now who wouldn’t want vegan shoes crafted from pineapple leaf fiber’s?

It’s not hard to see why these vegan sandals are so popular when you consider they’re also hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial (yes – they actually help prevent odors developing!).


These hand-made Portuguese sandals will be sure to knock your socks off!


Up next, it’s Jackie

These women’s delightful block heel vegan sandals are made from certified organic cotton. Featuring two cozy securing straps with statement yet elegant knots, their angelic blue tone encapsulates the delicacy of their charm.


With a comfortable neolite sole, they’re a dreamy and practical vegan shoe all at once.


Launched only a short time ago in our Essential collection, and also available in a trendy beige, these sustainable vegan sandals have been in constant high demand. Make sure you check out our Spring Summer Collection feature for a run-down on some of our newest arrivals.


Meet Zander


Perfectly designed shoes for women and men alike, these unisex strap-focused vegan sandals were made with everyone in mind. Animals included, since these vegan sandals are made from vegan leather, an OEKO-TEX certified microfiber which helps to save billions of animals each year. The material is also manufactured in a system free from CO2 emissions.

Arguably the most practical of our best-selling vegan sandals, this model features 3-straps, two on the front and one on the back to ensure they adapt perfectly to fit your feet.


Making them fit for any occasion, cork and natural rubber make-up the footbed, ensuring maximum arch support is given. Think evening strolls, beach trips, and your feet’s companion whilst you check off your to-do list.


With soles even made from recycled car tires, these vegan sandals are an eco-friendly showstopper.


Moving onto Jor


Have you ever felt like you had springs beneath your feet? Jor, the vegan sneakers designed for running and outdoor activities will give you that boost.


Just released in our Spring Summer Collection, they may be one of the new kicks on the block, but they’re certainly causing a stir amongst the best-seller spots.

These streamline unisex sneakers carry purpose wherever they go, since they are made from recycled plastic bottles (Re-PET). With EVA light soles and polyester laces, these shoes won’t hold you back.


Available to shop online in black or white, depending on your preference, you can’t go wrong with these versatile vegan sneakers for your post-lockdown freedom.

Last but by no means least, it’s Itaca


The longest to hold a best-seller hotspot, Itaca symbolizes an ageless vegan shoe. With a gladiator style, the flat vegan sandals feature a decorative toe loop and comfortable crisscross straps.


Made from innovative vegan leather, these minimalist sandals offer all-in-one style and comfort. Their practicality is echoed with their two nickel-free gold buckles, allowing the straps to be adjusted to create the perfect fit. Sitting on neolite soles, these vegan sandals are reassuringly resistant, anti-skid and efficiently lightweight.


A no-brainer for any warm sunny day, these popular vegan sandals offer you practical, sustainable fashion.


So, will you fall for Darco, Jackie, Zander, or Jor? Or maybe Itaca is more your style? Whichever it is, be sure to put your best foot forward this summer.


Have a great day!


The NAE Team


Madeleine Bird

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