Physical exercise, what is its importance and advantages?

07 April 2022

Physical exercise, what is its importance and advantages?

Physical exercise, what is its importance and advantages?

As spring begins and it starts getting hot, many people want to start working out for the perfect summer body, but that shouldn't be the main reason for starting to walk, run, or go to the gym.

Your health and well-being must come first.

In addition to reducing disease risks and improving your physical well-being, the endorphins released while exercising make you happy and in a good mood. Even if this is reason enough to practice sport, there are still many more benefits that can make you rethink whether it is really worth it to spend an afternoon lying on the couch or going for a walk near your house.

Sports activities currently play an important role in communities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) physical activity is all the movement of the body by the contraction of muscles that consumes energy. Therefore, all those spring afternoon walks or even something as simple as walking to work are included in the physical activity spectrum.

We've been seeing a significant increase in cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease. This increase is mainly related to changes in lifestyles, including the lack of physical exercise.

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There are many reasons to do sport.

You can do it to lose weight, as physical activity helps fight obesity. The goal may not even be to lose weight, but exercise can speed up your metabolism and make you burn fat faster. In addition to obesity, exercise helps fight diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and reduces the risk of death from heart disease or stroke, which are responsible for about 1/3 of all causes of death. It also helps to prevent and control risky behaviors – such as smoking, alcoholism, unhealthy eating or even violence – especially in children and adolescents. It can promote healthy growth and development of the body, healthy bones, muscles and joints.

Another great reason to do sport, which is sometimes overlooked, is that it improves mental health and psychological well-being. It is also thanks to endorphins that physical activity has its good reputation, as when the production of these chemicals in the brain increases, we are in a state of physical and emotional well-being. It also lowers levels of stress and anxiety, or even depression, and can even stimulate the development of mental abilities. Basically, we are happiest when we do sport.

Do it alone or in a group

If you are a group person, exercising can also be an excuse to get together with your friends. Why not arrange a Saturday afternoon together, to hang out together and play sports?

Adults are recommended to perform 150 to 300 minutes of moderate physical activity a week, that is, about 20 to 40 minutes a day. Why not wear our perfect model for sports, our vegan sneakers, the JOR, and dedicate that time to your well-being?

What physical activity to choose?

Before choosing the physical modality you want to start practicing, know your abilities. Among the various types of sports you can do, Yoga or Pilates, for example, are sports that can be good for a beginner.

If in doubt, consult your doctor to find out which one may be best for you. From there, you just have to define the frequency with which you want to perform the modality.

What to wear when doing sports?

That said, you already know what you should wear when you want to perform these physical activities, right? That's where our model comes in, JOR. Our recycled PET vegan unisex running shoes come in three colours, black, white and, most recently as part of our Spring/Summer collection, Breathe 22’, blue.

They are perfect for doing any kind of physical activity in comfort and style. Its EVA sole (ethylene vinyl acetate - one of the best shock-absorbing materials available today) is perfect for any day and any activity you want to do, whether that's playing basketball, running, or simply taking a walk in the nature. Its 100% recycled PET post-consumer plastic cut and lining make these running shoes the perfect sustainable shoe for any sports lover. In addition, they have a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certification.

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With this in mind, shall we do sports consciously?

Have an amazing day,

The Nae Team.


Rita Velha

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