PETA and NAE join forces

08 November 2019

PETA and NAE join forces

PETA and NAE join forces

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an organization focused on ending animal suffering all around the world. Therefore, constantly trying to make sure all industries and businesses opt for ways that don’t harm animals. Whether they’re trying to replace leather and fur, put a stop to animal testing or showing us the atrocities that are hidden in the agriculture industry, they never lose their strength.

When the organization started in 1980, the world was a very different place, but thanks to PETA’s efforts, today, many high fashion brands are walking away from leather and fur, there are vegan options in restaurants all around us, and animal testing has its days counted.

Because of PETA’s work, by the end of 2020, Macy and Bloomingdale will no longer sell fur, not even on their private brands. no longer books cruel elephant rides, nor tickets to aquariums that hold dolphins and whales captive (including SeaWorld).

PETA has also devoted time to scientific work, so that an alternative to animal testing was developed. Today, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they will stop funding and requesting tests on mammals by 2035, and fund the development of non-animal test methods. A victory that took hard work, perseveration, and hope that we could all be more compassionate.

Even though the world is far from being a merry happy place for all beings, PETA’s strength remains, and with your help, it can grow and achieve even more!

There aren’t enough words to thank not only this organization but all organizations that work so hard to protect the environment and animals. These people stood up for those who don’t have a clear voice in this world and created a safe space for all of us that want to protect all living beings. We will be forever grateful.

When animals are saved and freed, it’s a victory for humanity as well. When we acknowledge that all living beings are equally deserving of love and care, we are also saying that all humans are equally deserving of love and care, regardless of color, gender, nationality, disability, or any other quality that may cause us to feel separated from each other and believe that some of us are more important and deserving than others.

For all these reasons, we collaborated with PETA to create a unisex 100% vegan and organic boot!

Yes, the dream has become a reality.

The main ingredient is 100% organic cotton for the laces and lining. Why organic cotton? Because it’s cultivated with no aggressive chemicals, which is not only a treat for your skin, but also for the workers who would otherwise be exposed to them. It also uses less 46% of water when compared to conventional cotton. Which means more water for the ecosystems that can now thrive alongside cotton!

The insole is made out of coconut fibers and natural rubber, lined with cork laminate, which makes it anti-microbial.

These boots are welted with the Goodyear construction method, which makes them last longer, and easily repairable. Whether you go for a casual day in the city or a walk in the fields, these shoes will be the perfect companion.

For a delightful topping, we dye it with the tie-dye technic. So that every pair is, more than a reproduction, a unique piece. Find them here.

Moreover, for every PETA Collab purchased NAE donates 5 dollars to PETA, so that we can achieve our purpose: to create a pair of beautiful shoes to help you discover the wonders of our world, and help preserve them.

A piece of Nature, from us to you.

Have a beautiful day,


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