Our New AW22 Plain Collection Is Here And It’s Something Truly Special

28 October 2022

Our New AW22 Plain Collection Is Here And It’s Something Truly Special

Our New AW22 Plain Collection Is Here And It’s Something Truly Special

Welcome To Our AW22 Collection, Plain

When you think of the word “plain” and all the objects you would describe with it, a thousand things may come to mind. But all of them, we’re certain, appear simple and unadorned. More than that, they are truthful.

Wait, you may say! How can an object - a shoe or a boot, for example - be truthful? 

By that, we mean that the object is not trying to be something it’s not. It’s not loud or brash. Instead, its understated yet thoughtful design and ability to perform its basic function - which, in the case of NAE Vegan Shoes, is comfortable, durable, and sustainable footwear - are what make it attractive. This was the concept behind our new autumn/winter 2022 collection titled, fittingly, Plain. 

Plain is a love letter to the simple life of veganism. The vegan shoes and vegan boots in this collection bring an understated level of sophistication to your wardrobe with high quality vegan materials and classic, yet modern designs. 

The best part of the Plain collection, though, is every pair of footwear comes to you devoid of the stain of cruel, unsustainable, and environmentally destructive manufacturing processes.

Plain, in other words, is veganism at its finest.

Introducing Corn Leather

We’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about a new element that makes the Plain AW22 collection even more special. It’s a brand new vegan material called corn leather

Yes, you read that right. Leather made out of corn, with some recycled polyester mixed in, as well. We love this material because it’s breathable, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly - all the qualities you need for the interior and exterior of a well-made and long-lasting vegan shoe or boot.

Meet The Plain Collection

We know you’re eager to learn more about our newest pairs of vegan shoes and vegan boots. Without further ado, meet four of the models from Plain, the AW22 collection from NAE Vegan Shoes.

Meet Odet

These vegan biker ankle boots for women are NAE’s minimalist take on a classic, edgy design that borders between elegant and casual. No doubt, one of our favorite things about it is how versatile it is. You can sport them as you ride your motorcycle along the Algarve Coast in Portugal, and just as effortlessly pair them with a short dress for a fun evening out with friends. 

Meet Esel

Loafers are timeless shoes that will never lose their place in high fashion. For a new spin on them for the Plain collection, we took the classic loafer design and placed it on top of a chunky sole for a more modern approach. These shoes will look just as stylish running errands as they will walking to the office or playing it casual at a dinner party.

Meet Mikel

A man’s vegan wardrobe is not complete without a solid, high quality dress shoe. Our version of it is the Mikel, featuring a traditional round toe, exposed sewn edges, and stylish blucher

Meet Gadea

Ready to hit the streets of Lisbon for a tour of your favorite shops? Or perhaps you’re in the mood to traverse your favorite hiking trails? Either way, all you need is this one pair of hiking-style boots

As with the rest of the Plain collection, these boots are made of high-quality, sturdy vegan materials, with breathable, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties to prevent odors and sweating. You can wear them anywhere and during all kinds of weather and still experience maximum comfort.

Plain has much more to offer than just the Odet, Esel, Mikel, and Gadea. To view the entire collection, click here.

Here’s to a life of plain, simple vegan fashion. 


The NAE Team

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