Meet the new vegan shoes from our new Autumn Winter Collection

29 September 2020

Meet the new vegan shoes from our new Autumn Winter Collection

Meet the new vegan shoes from our new Autumn Winter Collection

We were told to stay home. We were locked inside, closed, safe.

We were forced to give up the fresh air; to give up nature.

The new Off.home. collection arrived this month and it represents the return to the hectic life we have always known. This collection was architected during the Covid-19 lockdown, with our eyes set on the much-desired return to normality. Quarantine was an opportunity to inspect our belonging to Nature and our role as crucial elements of this global ecosystem. Now we are finally reconnected with Nature; back to the outside and the busy routine of everyday life.

This "new normal" must be lived safely... and style. The Off.home. collection represents the much-desired reunion with the open sky, the vegetation, and the planet Earth. This is our reconciliation with Nature as an extension of our own home. Nature is our Mother House.

We belong to nature.

We're finally back Home.

Reclaim.Our bet on 100% Sustainable

The Unisex Reclaim shoes are the ode to sustainable fashion of this collection, as they prove that it's possible to design a 100% sustainable footwear model. Whether in black or grey, these vegan sneakers are valuable for their originality: they are made from recycled plastic bottles. The Reclaim lining is made of organic cotton. The sole of these vegan sneakers is vulcanized and made of natural rubber.


The eyelets are nickel-free, one of the materials that NAE Vegan Shoes avoids using since it's one of the most harmful for our health and the environment. Besides that, the mineral extraction of nickel is tremendously polluting, being one of the most lethal ores and contributing the most to the environmental injustice. Reclaim sneakers have a GRS certification, an international certificate from Textile Exchange that proves the authenticity and excellence of the sustainability of this product.

Noah.1 boot, 6 different versions

The Off.home. collection also stands out for its versatility: Noah boots are here to prove it to us. The novelty of this unisex model resulted in 6 different styling options: organic cotton in black and green; PET (recycled plastic) in black and grey; piñatex in black and white.


Choose your mood and season. Then choose your Noah's material.



Fresh and light, Noah Organic Cotton is perfect for the hottest and sunniest days. How about a floral skirt or some classic denim shorts to combine with these vegan boots? Available in black and green.


The recycled PET Noah are ideas for those mild days when indecision reigns when we open the cabinet to choose what to wear in the morning. Fill the mid-season with these breathable vegan boots and slightly water-resistant. Available in black and grey.


Finally, the Noah Piñatex ensure your comfort on the coldest days of winter. The piñatex is an innovative and cruelty-free material in the world of sustainable fashion, which has revolutionized the use of animal leather. Made with pineapple leaf fibers, the piñatex creates this rough and original texture of boots. Noah Piñatex are a smart option for those looking for vegan boots that keep their feet warm all day long, and that are simultaneously breathable and antibacterial. Available in black and white.

"Take a walk on the ethical side” with Noah boots


The Noah Green Organic Cotton and Noah Piñatex White laces are inscribed with the NAE slogan "take a walk on the ethical side", a small detail that gives identity and style to these two models.

Lola & Lili. The classic and elegant style of sabrina is back


Some time ago, we discontinued the production of winter ballerina vegan shoes. This year, this style is back. The "cousins" Lola and Lili are the big ballerina stars of this new collection. They’ve arrived with four different options of materials and seven distinct models to their choice. Whether in ecological microfiber; cotton; cork or piñatex, there are options of vegan materials for all tastes.


Although they’re new models, Lili and Lola don't fail in representing the confidence and high security like the rest of our vegan shoes. Both models are certified with the STANDARD 100 label, issued by the independent entity OEKO-TEX®. It is one of the most known certifications in the world for textile products. This certification proves that all components of a model (i.e. all yarns, microfibre, soles and other accessories) have been tested for the presence of harmful substances and that it is harmless in ecological and human terms.


Ruth.Knee-high boots are here to stay


Meet the best skirt friend. Above the knee, below the knee, round, straight, tight or flying: any skirt will be a must wear with this pair. The Ruth are the only high-knee vegan boots of this new collection. Besides the skirts, try combining these vegan boots with jeans and warm socks around the knee for the coldest and rainiest winter days. The Ruth have a sole made with eneolite (a material used as an alternative to animal leather) and a nickel-free central zipper, which allows more practical usage.


Back to Black

Off.home. also has different styling options of the classic black winter boots that we all have (or should have) in our closet. Breathable, water-resistant, antibacterial and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified. What else?

Besides the new shoes, Off.home. enriches its range of options with vegan accessories. Our new Oslo backpack made of PET is available in grey, red, and green. We have also launched 21 new options of vegan belts for each one's taste. We hope you love the new Autumn/Winter collection as much as we loved creating it and bringing it to you.


May this return to the "new normal" be safe, stylish, and comfortable.


Have a lovely day!

 NAE Team


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