Made in Bangladesh movie

17 January 2020

Made in Bangladesh movie

Made in Bangladesh movie

This week we wanted to share with you our opinion about the recent movie Made in Bangladesh, an amazing director’s work, who chose to speak up and empower those who were handed harder life cards. Robait Hossain is the mastermind behind this new movie.

It brings awareness to the horrible working conditions of sweatshops, the ugly side of fast fashion, and it goes deeper into the worker’s lifes.

However, Robait didn’t want to show victims, she wanted to share the story of warriors! Brave women who fight every day for their basic human rights for themselves and the ones around them!


Even though times are clearly changing, the media still has more space for a specific type of people, specially if you’re a woman. This is one of the reasons, we believe, that make this art piece even more important .

Robait tells the story of women who are usually left out of the conversation. We tend to talk about them and never with them. And when we do, it tends to be from civilised to inferior victim. Which is unfair, and dangerous. Because we are much more similar than we think, and by ignoring other people’s rights, we are endangering our own.

Movie Info

This brilliant movie is based on a true story. Shimu is a woman who works in a sweatshop, in Bangladesh, and simply wants to unionize her coworkers, so that they can demand proper payment and working conditions. She is given a worker’s rights guide by a journalist that is trying to help woman in her situation, by making them aware of their rights. It seams simple enough. But it’s not. For some people, asking for their human rights and basic dignity can be life threatening.


Our Opinion

This movie is about hope. Is about what we can do to help not only these women in Bangladesh but all the workers in the same conditions. It’s time to use out power as a consumer and demand that the companies we trust treat they employees like equal human beings. Fashion Revolution is an amazing initiative that will help you if you want to do more. We already wrote about them on the blog 🙂

We hope you go watch this fantastic movie and come back to tell us what it sparkled in you! You can check the trailer here.

2020 sounds as magical as it can be! Let’s take all the beauty we can and little by little turn this world into a loving and compassionate dreamland!

Have a beautiful day,


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