Let’s save the Ocean, so that we can save our future!

08 June 2019

Let’s save the Ocean, so that we can save our future!

Let’s save the Ocean, so that we can save our future!

“Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated by the sea,

It Stabilizes temperature,

It Shapes earths chemistry,

Water from the sea forms clouds that return to the land and the sea,

Provides home to about 97% of life in the world,


No water, no life

No blue, no green”

                                                                           Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer


We kill with no regard for marine life, and for the consequences of the loss of that life.

We have lost 90% of the big fish in the sea, and almost 50% of all coral reefs.


We have used the ocean as a trash can, as if it could somehow recycle our synthetic leftovers. In the last 100 years we’ve let plastic take over our most precious resource: Water.


Besides being a trap for many animals, plastic is being eaten by them as well. The very same, many people consume on a regular basis.


A study  found that, there are traces of plastic in 44% of seabird species, 22% of dolphins and whale species, and 100% of all sea turtles. It’s estimated that one in three fish contains plastic, so if you needed that extra motivation to become Vegan, you’re welcome! 


Moreover, plastic is not biodegradable, instead it just deteriorates into microplastic. Which means that it breaks into tiny pieces, invisible to the human eye, that can be found in the water we drink, and even in the air we breathe.


It’s a critical time for humankind. However, several scientists believe we can turn this around. Single-used plastic must be abolished, and plastic manufacture must stop. We have enough to go around, all we need to do is stop buying it and recycle what we have.


By 2020 the European Union wants to prohibit overfishing, and end illegal fishing practices.

By 2030 it wants to increase benefits for the underprivileged countries that use the marine resources in a sustainable manner.


There is hope!


What can we do?


Reject Single-Use Plastics


There are many alternatives to single use plastic, and we have an article coming up that will give you so many fabulous solutions, you wish you never met those disposable demons. From bamboo swabs, to reusable organic cotton wipes and beautiful reusable shopping bags made out of recycled plastic!


Buy food in bulk, using your own containers


The zero wasteclub is a great place to this online.

When in Portugal, Maria Granel and Sapato Verde  will make your zero waste utopia look very real. If you don’t have access to such places, look for stores where you can buy in bulk, and take your own glass containers and cotton bags.

For example, some foods comes in glass jars, you can clean them up and use those to buy some good raw beans and cereals! Bags can be made with some old clothes you no longer use. That’s right, we probably already have all we need at home, to make that reusable product that will help save the environment!



Use glass or steel containers for food and water.


There is no need to wrap our snacks and lunch in aluminum foil, plastic and paper. The years of ugly polluting wrappings are behind us. Choose a fabulous lunch box that will keep your food cool and fresh, and use glass or steel containers to take your foods. Top it off with an organic cotton napkin, some aluminum cutlery and a glass or steel water bottle and you’re good to go!


Recycle, recycle and then recycle some more.


Plastic will not disappear from the planet and our survival depends on the solutions we find to take it out of Nature, and back into our houses to its initial purpose: to simplify our lives.


If we need to buy something new, we should look for brands that have the product we’re searching for in a recycled, environment friendly and ethically made material. There are more and more brands that stand for those values and want to save our planet, so it will be super easy to find a good solution.


What can NAE do?


We already have some models made of recycled plasticbottles, tires, airbags and other materials. We thrive to make good quality shoes that last long and can be recycled.

We will have more news soon! In the mean time we will continue to recycle, upcycle and find alternatives that won’t harm neither the environment, nor people and animals.



Our planet has given us more than we need not only to survive but to thrive. We only have one, and as amazing as it is, it can’t resist all the exploitation we’re putting it thru.


Our oceans gave us life; by keeping Earth from turning into Mars. We must realize we need them, and that, if we continue to have the same lifestyle we do now, there won’t be nothing left for our children, let alone to our grandchildren.


Let’s give back the love water gave us, we can still have a bright future!



Have a beautiful Oceans day,



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