Ideal vegan shoes for the office

21 October 2020

Ideal vegan shoes for the office

Ideal vegan shoes for the office

Working with comfort is crucial and indispensable. Our vegan shoes are all designed for the work and leisure of our customers, whether it's an indoor or outdoor activity. However, finding ideal vegan shoes for a business and office context is still a challenge, since the animal leather style remains one of the workers' favourite choices.

This week, we bring you a selection of our ideal vegan shoes for long hours at the office, for that important business meeting and for the most challenging days at work.


Collection after collection, NAE Vegan Shoes is committed to filling up this gap by designing vegan shoes for the office, thanks to a careful selection of materials such as vegan leather. Thus, we prove that it’s possible to end animal cruelty without giving up the style, comfort and durability of the traditional shoe for the professional context.

JAKE The classic blucher… in a sustainable version

The Jake classics prove that animal leather can leave the scene without compromising the creation of an elegant, comfortable, and professional shoe. These vegan shoes are inspired by the Oxford/blucher style: the shoe design easily identifiable by the two flaps tied to the center with laces.


Our version does not escape the rule when it comes to the blucher shape and design. However, we decided to change the status quo of the blucher style when it comes to the materials used. The Jake shoe is made of ecological vegan leather and the two side flaps join the center tied in cotton shoelaces with recycled polyester filling.

VINCE&LOLA Flat shoes arrive to the office

Every woman has the right to feel at her best at her workspace. The footwear we choose also impacts our state of mind and work motivation. And the old stereotype that only high heel shoes meet this goal has long since been broken.


The flat shoes combined with formality and elegance are here to stay. Beyond the office space, in this article, we did not want to leave aside viable options for all those people who work in service counters or perform functions that require long standing hours. That's why we selected the Vince and Lola models to demonstrate that.


Both vegan shoes benefit from the shine and soft texture of vegan leather, as well as the classic touch of the adjustable and nickel-free buckle. Choose Vince if you prefer a closed shoe or Lola if you're a fan of the ballerina style with an ankle strap.


EFE & BRANDON For any Casual Fridays fan

We couldn't help but highlight our favorite vegan shoes for the relaxed and casual days at the office. Or even for the famous casual Fridays, a management tool implemented by many companies that motivate their employees to dress more casually for work - usually on Fridays.


But don't think we're forgetting all the freelancers who magically turn any corner of the house into their office and creative haven. Or all those self-employed that create their own dress code for work. For every coffee writers, digital nomads or simple employees fed up with the boring sailing shoes... there's a very informal and stylish solution for work.

Our models Efe Brown and Brandon Grey suggest that informality by themselves, without ever compromising elegance and professionalism. That's why they’re so versatile: you can always wear them during Casual Friday at your office and enter right after into the weekend... without having to change shoes.

LINA The classic and elegant shoes for any Lady

We wrap up our Top Office Shoes by highlighting our model Lina. Made with microfiber, these water-resistant vegan shoes are adaptable to any office styling option. The block heel is 5.50cm, which gives the shoe a certain elegance without taking away the necessary comfort.


Choose the Lina shoes anytime you need a confidence boost or to face the most challenging and demanding workdays.



And don't forget: for every taste (and office), there's a pair of vegan shoes that takes care of it.

Have a lovely day!



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