How to ethically enjoy sales

18 July 2019

How to ethically enjoy sales

How to ethically enjoy sales

Oh the sales, discounts and more discounts on our favorite brands! The same amount of money for twice the clothes! How can we not get excited about it?

Resisting this phenomenon is hard! So we at NAE are taking a time to reflect on why is it so difficult to say no to sales, why we consume the way we do and how to approach consumerism without hurting the planet and its lovely inhabitants.

We would love if you could join us on this journey!

As you know we believe that Fashion doesn't need to be tied with animal exploitation, pollution and forced labor to thrive. On the contrary, we know that Fashion can be sustainable, working conditions can be great and animals can be part of the photoshoot as a free living being and not as a prop.

But the truth is that sales can make us forget all the drama behind the curtains. So how to buy new clothes and have some fun, while keeping it sustainable and ethical?

Let’s start with why we are addicted to shopping. The act of purchase something we want makes the brain release endorphins and dopamine. Feelings of happiness and satisfaction spread all over our bodies. You can learn more about it here.

The problem lays in the fact that these feelings quickly fade. After a couple of wears the piece we bought is not the new and shiny thing you conquered anymore. So you will feel the need to get a brand new one. You can see how this can quickly become a problem, specially in a world were fast fashion stores are everywhere, selling new and affordable pieces on a weekly basis. We can innocently addicted, without even noticing.

However, this problem has a simple solution. If what we are really getting out of constant shopping is feelings of satisfaction and happiness, we can certainly do some soul searching and see what’s really missing from our lives. Maybe we just need a hobby or a more exciting holiday. Maybe it’s a bigger change we need. The important thing is that we find the courage to face that empty space we are trying to fill with shopping, accept it and flood it with all the love we deserve. Because for better or for worse, nothing and no one can truly feel fulfilling if we don’t fulfill ourselves first.

So how can we know if we are buying something because we actually need and love a certain piece, or simply because we’re bored and that’s the easiest way to shake things up a bit?

We gathered some questions you can ask yourself to make sure you keep your wardrobe fabulous and loving, for yourself and the planet:

  • First thing's first, am I shopping because I’m tired, I’m on my way home and I need to cheer myself up? Or did I go there because I actually needed to buy something?
  • Did I miss the item in the last couple of weeks?
  • Do I need to change my body for that clothing item to fit me properly?
  • Do I feel comfortable wearing it?
  • Does it spark joy?
  • Can I see myself wearing it in multiple occasions?

Now for the hardest part:

Read the label, go on we know it can be heart breaking but we’re here for you.

Was it made on a country you know for a fact it doesn’t have proper working conditions or minimum wages or on a country you know respects human rights and minimum wages?

Is the material either polyester, viscose, or any other kind of plastic that will be hard both on your skin and the planet?

Is the material an animal or a vegetable product?

Are there any ecological concerns written down?

It’s certainly hard to do this every time you go shopping, especially during sales, so we have gathered some brands, with great discounts, that will satisfy your material, ethical and environmental needs!

Here we go:




Hope you like our tips and join us on this quest for a sustainable and loving world!

Have a beautiful day,

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