Happy Vegan Day

31 October 2019

Happy Vegan Day

Happy Vegan Day

To help celebrate this very special day, we decided to share some easy and accessible ways to help make the transition to a Vegan diet.
We are made of traditions, habits, Ideals and contradictions. We are in constant change. We are energy, and we have the power to change our reality with an amazing ease. Nothing proves this better than the Vegan diet, a way to reduce global suffering, while increasing the happiness and strength of whoever follows it. Itís not just a weapon against global warming, forced labor and animal abuse; but also a way of preventing and solving several health issues! Isnít it absolutely divine?
However, it is necessary to know how to make the transition. Although we are all similar, our bodies are different and react differently to change. Thatís why we recommend a smooth transition. Sometimes your body feels a positive difference right away, and sometimes it takes longer to adjust. The important thing is to get to know and educate yourselves. Because it is possible to live in alignment with your values, it is possible to thrive with Love, and it is possible to make the world a better place for ourselves and the ones around us.
Firstly, itís important to relax and accept that everything takes its time. We are all human, and we all make mistakes. Donít give up just because you ate meat again, either for one day or for longer. You arenít less because of it. Try again, and start over, with no shame!
Changing habits its extremely hard for a human being. Its more sustainable if instead of feeling and repeating to yourselves that you canít eat certain things, interiorize that you can, but you choose not to.
Some people are able to take all animal products from their diet overnight. However, it isnít that simple for everyone.
Start by having a Vegetarian or Vegan day a week. Whatever feels most comfortable. After that start eliminating one type of meat every other week, or every month. You can start by red meat, then white, and then fish. To replace protein use grains, beans and lentils. If youíre feeling adventurous try soy beans, seitan or even Tofu!
Milk is the easiest dairy product to replace, since there are so many plant-based options, from oats milk to rice, almond, and so many others, that sometimes are even fortified with calcium and vitamin B12.

Cheese is usually the main enemy when it comes to letting animal products behind. We recommend replacing it for bio jams, no added sugars of course. Another way to kick the cheesy habit is to do some research, because this product can actually be quite detrimental for your health. One of its main traits is opium molecules, which makes it extremely addictive. Here, is a link about the obscure truth of cheese.

However, we canít stress this enough, the easiest way to leave an addiction is to replace a I canít  for a I donít want to.  And, by doing it one day at a time, the desire will decrease. Believe us when we say that there isnít much that willpower and a good jam canít fix!
Another way to make it easier for yourself to adapt is, for example, choosing restaurants that have a vegetarian or vegan option. Asian restaurants will be our salvation! If youíre going to a dinner party where you donít feel comfortable asking for a vegetarian dish, offer to cook something. This way no one gets offended, and everyone feels satisfied!

This takes us to the most important step. Preparation. Itís true that itís getting easier to have a plant-based diet in the bigger cities, however, being prepared is the safest and healthiest way to go about it. Always having a Vegan snack, like dates, dried fruits, fruit or an energy bar with you is essential. If possible, take your own lunch to work. Itís a great way to show the world the wonders of Vegan cuisine. Besides being usually healthier and less expensive of course! If cooking is not one of your passions, look for simple recipes and choose an evening when you can cook for the entire week. Here you can find 5 simple meals from Caitlin Shoemaker. Theyíre easy, healthy and delicious!
Something that can help is a visit to a nutritionist that believes in veganism. The same way that are many doctors that believe in this diet and others are still sceptic, you can find any type of Nutritionist. Fortunately, the number of nutrition specialists that can help us with this transition is increasing. Itís important that we make sure no ingredient is missing in our life. Thatís why annual blood tests are very welcome, not only because they help us realize if we need to supplement, but also because it helps spread the message that Veganism can be a really healthy diet.

We would like to leave you with a simple summary of the main Nutrients and Vitamins you need and whatís the veggie option.
Protein Ė beans / grains / lentils / Tofu
Calcium Ė fortified soy drink / dark leaf vegetables
B12 Ė supplements / foods with B12 like vegetable drinks and yogurts
Omega 3,6 Ė Nuts / hazelnuts / linseed / seasoning with olive oil
Iron Ė is better absorbed with Vitamin C (orange) Ė Soy / beans / whole grains / cabage / spinach

The stigma around this diet is getting weaker. There are more and more vegan athletes, doctors and nutritionists. The advantages are so many! We hope you join us in this transition to a better world!

Have a beautiful day,


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