Happy International Women's Day

08 March 2023

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day from NAE Vegan Shoes
As the world turns towards March 8th, one thing is clear; it wouldn’t be turning without women. It’s simply impossible to sum up all their incredible contributions in just one article - or even just one day. But, this is the day that all the world turns their head in appreciation, and utters a great, global ‘thank you’. We at NAE are no different. Without women, there would be no NAE. From the distinguished heights of our co-founder’s chair, all the way to the offices, factories and physical stores, doing business would be impossible without intelligent, enterprising women to lead the charge for a more sustainable future. So read on, and let’s dwell a little on how women contribute to everything we stand for at NAE vegan shoes.

Women and Veganism
According to US surveys, a staggering 79% of vegans identify as women. When you consider this is close to 8 in 10 vegans sharing the gender, the numbers start to boggle the mind. There are various ideas as to why this might be, including the fact that the mainstream meat industry focuses it's exploitation on female animals intensely, with the production of hen's eggs and cow's milk. Even sheep find their herds bred as majority female, despite wool, their main source of exploitation, not being exclusive to either sex. Many intersectional activists see this unfair treatment as just another manifestation of sexism and misogyny, and rally on the side of animals to support veganism.
Pundits have also theorised that society expects women to be more caring and compassionate, and without being raised by the animal-consumption promoting toxic masculinity mindset that too many men are, they feel more socially accepted when they choose to become vegan. While it would be fantastic to see more men get on board with the lifestyle, today is all about the ladies - honouring their staunch commitment to decency, and strong moral character.

Veganism, Women and Fashion
Women continue to make a huge contribution to the world of vegan fashion, from the clothes designing/modelling end of the industry, all the way to acting as innovators in science and manufacturing. One of our favourite women scientists working in the fashion world is Dr Carmen Hijosa, the creator of the vegan leather alternative Piñatex, a fabric we use to create many of our vegan sandals and vegan boots, among other models. A PhD researcher, Carmen created the revolutionary, durable fabric from Pineapple leaf fibres. The product of her years of research culminated in the creation of the eco-friendly material, providing a fantastic, plant based, ethical alternative to animal leather. Dr Hijosa is a business woman, scientist, and a significant contributor to the ethical supply chain of vegan fashion.

Our Commitment to Women
As a conscious company, we are careful to take the interests of women seriously. Our workplace conduct policy places a strong emphasis on women feeling safe and comfortable during shifts, and we do our utmost to make sure gender equality flourishes in our heavily mixed-gender offices, stores and factories. We also love to design shoes that women can wear, across our unisex and women's ranges, giving them the confidence and style to socialise, work, exercise, and party in a way that is authentically them. By giving a platform to women, metaphorically (and literally, with platform shoes!) we hope to highlight the intersectionality of veganism, and the women who help highlight that.

Regardless of if you're a woman, or just someone who cares about one, we hope you have a lovely international women's day. May you take this time to reflect on your impact on the earth today, how your choices impact women both human and of the animal kingdom, and think about little positive actions you can take to better the world around you. Cheers!

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