Best of 2019

27 December 2019

Best of 2019

Best of 2019

2019 was a beautiful year and we are incredibly grateful for all that we have accomplished! In the beginning of the year this blog was born and, with it, the possibilities of sharing an immensity of thoughts, ideas and cool facts around Veganism, ethical and sustainable living. It has been a pleasure to read your messages, and to see you as interested and excited about these topics as we are!

The first big news came in April, when we opened a new store in Barcelona next to the amazing Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you there!


However, we felt like we could also improve your experience in our online shop. That’s why this year we invested in making our website way more user friendly. Have you noticed that our chat option answers your questions much faster now? Well, that´s because we have welcomed a new member to our team especially assigned to that task.

And with free shipping and returns, when you’re both buying and returning something, everything is smoother. This way you don’t need to stress about buying the right thing at the first attempt. It is our pleasure to send our shoes to so many different countries, and we want your conscious act of buying to be simple and comfortable!

We hope you are enjoying it!

For our favourite products this year, the first award goes to our Re-Move project, that we launched in October. Fashionable trainers made from plastic that was polluting the oceans we so desperately need! It felt so good to be able to participate in such a project. Making something new, healthy and exciting from something old and poisonous is the ethical and sustainable dream we got to live and share with you!


Second but not at all least, le piece de la résistance, came to life later in November. The PETA boot that is biodegradable! It was an honour to develop such an incredible and revolutionary product with PETA. How exciting is that? An ethical super sustainable and beautiful boot!


After all this hard work we feel satisfied and excited to start the new decade! But before we go, we want to thank you. For all the likes and shares on our social media, for coming to the store in Lisbon, and Barcelona, and for all your purchases. We love to read your comments, and interact with you! The truth is, all of these achievements wouldn’t have been possible without you. And we are incredibly grateful to have had you by our side!

Have a fabulous new year’s party! We wish you all the best!

With Love,


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