All about the sustainable material Apple Leather

01 August 2023

All about the sustainable material Apple Leather

All about the sustainable material Apple Leather

Apple leather is one of our favourite sustainable materials. Not only is it a great material for our vegan shoes, but also a durable and stylish choice for vegan bags too. Available in a wide array of colors, and proving itself a tough, durable leather alternative, we are excited to share more with you about this exciting material choice.

What is Apple Leather?

“Okay”, you're thinking “Apple Leather; that's a cute name. Is it because it kinda looks like an apple's skin? What's it really made of?”.

But you would need to think again, as it really is made out of actual apples!

As incredible as it sounds, pioneering technology allows waste cores and skin produced by the fruit juice industry to be reduced to a microscopic powder, and used as a substitute for Polyurethane, to create a vegan material similar to so-called "pleather ". However, unlike the petroleum based form of plastic artificial leather, this material is both cruelty-free and natural. The Apple particles form the coating that is applied to ecological microfibers, giving a leather-like appearance to the sturdy, long-lasting weave. The creation process uses waste apple product that would otherwise have been incinerated or disposed of, taking full advantage of nature's bounty, and without usurping viable food resources.

Why do we Use Apple Leather?

We use apple leather because it's a plant-based alternative to animal leather. It's 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which lives up to our environmental values. It's versatile, and usable for everything from vegan shoes to stylish vegan bags. It can come in a large selection of colors, which allows us to implement the classy leather style on a wider range of models, and all without harming animals. It's one of a number of arrows in our quiver of plant-based leathers, and allows us to support new eco technology. Not only is the material itself fantastic, but using it helps encourage industry trends towards more sustainable choices. It's incredibly durable and can last year after year, meaning that we trust it to do our beautiful products justice, without failing our high standards for reliability.

What do we make from Apple Leather?

We create a wide range of vegan shoes and bags from apple leather, but today we're going to highlight a few specific products that show the versatility and quality of this great material.


Clove puts an inventive apple leather twist on the classic lace up, low top sneaker. Available in a viscous black or luscious red, this vegan sneakers adds an extra dimension of class to the casual design, highlighting the best of every step. The embroidered logo and timeless design combine to create the perfect  vegan shoe for sports, or socializing in the city. With Clove, you have the whole world at the palm of your feet, so why not step out and explore?


Does Mary Jane ring any bell? A shoe with a very simple definition flat with a strap at the front    which appeared in 1970 and still lasts today! The best version is ours, of course, a vegan shoe made from apple leather and available in black and white. No more dull days.


White boots in winter are a huge YES. And our version proves that combining apple leather with a classic pair of shoes has never been easier! A mid-calf vegan boot with a zip that you can wear in all seasons, and with an endless number of looks. Looking for all-in-one boots? You found them!


If you're looking for a vegan bag made from apple leather, that's also possible. We have plenty of options, but for this article we bring you Saya, because if we're talking about the versatility of apple leather, we simply can't leave out the huge palette of colours possible with this material. And nude, dear readers, never compromises.


We were glad to share a little info with you today about our apple leather, it's a material we really love working with. As a company passionate about not just what we do, but the way we do it, shining a light on our practices is a point of pride we just can't pass up. If you enjoyed this little journey, be sure to check out our range of products made from Apple leather, you might just find the shoe for you nestling right here!

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