7 sustainable resolutions for 2020

03 January 2020

7 sustainable resolutions for 2020

7 sustainable resolutions for 2020

These are our 7 favourite and sustainable resolutions for 2020!

We hope you had a fantastic time with your friends and family, the best champagne and an amazing party! We all know that setting the right intention is the key to start the New year on a fabulous tone! If youíre looking for resolutions that will improve both your life and our collective existence, this article is for you!

These sustainable resolutions for 2020 are challenging but if we all try our best to stick to them, we will definitely make a positive difference!

  • Veganuary

We all know that agriculture is one of the biggest causes of deforestation in the world. Itís also polluting and requires way to much water. Besides, red meat was considered carcinogenic and milk unnecessary. Even though there is no need to make intelligent sentient creatures miserable, itís hard for humanity to change habits. But sustainability is all about taking it slow and being consistent. Thatís why initiatives like meatless Friday is a great way to start a revolution, one bite at a time!

However, we want to challenge you to do a Vegan Month aka Veganuary.

You can sign up here. Start the year with a healthy and delicious diet. You can read here about Veganism, and here we show you the best apps to get easy recipes and find the best ingredients. It will be life-changing! And please donít give up if you fail a day, or even a week. We need time and patience to form new habits, so go easy on yourself and have fun! Never forget that love and compassion for yourself and others are the foundations of veganism.


  • Buy the reusable option

Next time you need to buy something, check if there is a reusable option. On our article about quitting single use plastics we show you some fabulous reusable products, but there are so much more out there! A quick Google search will show you if there is a reusable version of the product you are looking for. Itís that easy, and most times more affordable. Save the planet and your wallet, by choosing a more sustainable approach to consumerism!


  • Public transportation

Choosing public transportation, or sharing a car is a great way to save fuel and pollute less! Going to work can be a much more enjoyable experience if you take the train and use the time to read that book that you keep postponing, or maybe do a meditation that will turn your day around!

If you really need to use the car try to give a lift to some friends or co workers every day, facing traffic will be much more fun!

These options will save you money and give you better quality time on a daily basis! You will be in the perfect mood to follow your dreams and work on some amazing projects!


  • Avoid plastic

Plastic is everywhere and it takes an effort from all of us to get rid of it. The first step is to stop consuming it. Try going to your local market to get your groceries and take reusable little bags with you, this way you will easily find fresh vegetables and legumes that arenít wrapped in plastic, and you wonít need to use single-use plastic bags to get your veggies!

Refuse every extra wrap or bag it comes your way!

If you want to go deeper take a note of every little piece of plastic you use during a week. This way you will have a better understanding of how much you use, and it will be easier to find solutions and to be prepared!

Living plastic free is a challenge, but itís not impossible!

  • Save the energy

Reduce your consumption of water and electricity at home. Make your showers quick and sweet and use the extra water to flush the toilet.

If you own a dishwasher donít clean your plates with water before putting them inside the machine.

Make sure to only use the electricity you need. Only keep the lights on, in the room you are in. Too many times we have more lights on than we actually need!

If you use and abuse your heaters, make sure your windows donít need to be changed. A good window will keep your house warm in the winter and easy to refresh in the summer!

There are many little ways we can make our home more sustainable. Let us know if you would like us to do an article all about it!


  • Change to healthy detergents and soaps

Water must be saved, but it must also be protected. Thats why we have to be more mindful of the things we toss in the toilet. Things like dental floss and cotton swabs arenít caught in the water treatment facilities and are polluting our oceans.

Other things we can do to help is use Natural detergents free of chemicals.

For example you can use vinegar to clean and disinfect mostly anything in your home!

There are more and more home made organic soaps that come in paper packages, and that you can use to clean your body and hair! They are free of harsh chemicals and plastic, and need less resources to be produced.

To wash your clothes you can use the lovely saponaria nuts. They are actually dried nuts that produce their own soap! You can use them more than once and toss them in your composted bin cause they are biodegradable!

If we produce less trash, we donít need to waste resources to clean every little thing.


  • Break up with fast fashion

Break ups are hard. We were used to something being there for us every day, regardless of how dificult things get, and now we have to part from it. Jokes a side, that easy and fast adrenaline kick with a bit of serotonin is hard to let go of!

The best part is, there are a million alternatives to it! On our article about 2 hand fashion we give you real life and online stores all over the world with the most fabulous clothes!


But Mies van der Rohe said it perfectly: Less is More. When it comes to sustainable consumerism there isnít a better sentence. Quality and long lasting items will look and feel better and be less harmful to the environment! Itís a win win scenario!

Choose to support ethical and sustainable brands that you trust. Itís a great way to build a sexy and loving wardrobe for 2020!

Real change starts inside, in the little things we all do.

Together we can build the green loving and compassionate utopia we so desperately need!

Hope this inspires you to make some exciting changes for the future! We would love to know all about your resolutions this year, and if you are going to use some of ours!

Happy New year!

Have a beautiful day,


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