5 vegan-friendly restaurants in Lisbon

01 August 2019

5 vegan-friendly restaurants in Lisbon

5 vegan-friendly restaurants in Lisbon

If you’re in Lisbon or planning a visit to the beautiful Portuguese capital, you’ll want to visit each one of these delicious places!

To start the day, we recommend a heavy breakfast. trust us when we say you will need all the energy you can get, if you want to explore a city built on top of seven hills.

My Mother’s daughter is the cutest place to get an early brunch. The décor is to die for, the napkins are made of recycled paper and the coffee is bio and fair traded! They specialize on healthy appetizing food. You can have ayurvedic shots, amazing pancakes and some of the best vegan cakes, knowing that they were cocked with love and knowledge, so that you feel full but energized and not lethargic.

It is without a doubt the best way to kick start your day!

So now it’s mid-day, the sun is high and your stomach is in desperate need of attention. If you’re downtown near Cais do Sodré, we recommend the 26 Vegan Project. They have some typical Portuguese dishes made with vegan ingredients.

There is no better way to discover our cuisine without feeling like you have to leave your beliefs at the door!

An ancient arc in the middle of the room will give you the historic atmosphere of Lisbon, that, when combined with the modern décor and some gorgeous blue couches, will allow you to dive in our city’s mystic.

We have to be honest, even though we love our online store, nothing is better than meeting you at our physical store in LX Factory, an old factory that was transformed by artists and beautiful sustainably ethical businesses. So feel more than welcome to come over and say hi!

There are great places to eat in LX Factory. The Therapist is one of our favorites! The main goal of this restaurant is to empower your Mind, Body and Immunity while helping you detox. It has delicious vegan options and they top it all off with a massage! That’s right the final section of the menu offers therapies like acupuncture, shiatsu and nutritionist sessions. If you are in need of some healing, during the holidays is the best time to do it, and if in Lisbon, this is definitely the place for it.

Bowl Detox Caril

To finish the day there is an adorable family restaurant near Gulbenkian and its fabulous gardens. Oasis, is a vegetarian and vegan delight, that will make you feel as if you were having dinner at your grandmother’s house. We dare you to find a place that does more magic with beet and spinach than this one! Not only that but they also offer a variety of natural fruit juices that are perfect to keep you hydrated and healthy!

Now, we can’t say goodbye without telling you about O Botanista, a vegan restaurant that will help you keep it healthy even though you’re on vacation! We’re talking about delicious vegan meals and even better deserts. Instead of sugar they use coconut and dates. It’s mother’s nature treat, no processed foods aloud! The room is decorated as a garden, so that you forget you’re actually in the city center and get centered with what’s really important. You won’t be able to keep yourself for falling in love with it!

Please tell us what you thought of these places! Also we would love to know your city’s 5 favorite vegan restaurants! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day,


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