5 myths about Veganism

13 September 2019

5 myths about Veganism

5 myths about Veganism

Veganism is a lifestyle, is the pursuit for the ethical, most loving way of existing. From clothes, to food, cosmetics and so many other items, that we can easily forget, that come from some sort of animal or human suffering. To be a Vegan is to be one with Nature, with life itself. It’s a political stand, to defend all life, regardless of its origins.

However, for many of us it looks like an unattainable diet. You might think it can be dangerous for your health, and too complicated to learn.

But we’re here to show you that is actually much easier than it looks, and it can be fantastic for your health!

So this week we want to debunk the 5 most common myths of veganism.

Where is the protein?

First and foremost, a healthy diet needs nutrients and vitamins as much as protein. When we get protein for an animal, we are not getting much more from it. However, many veggies will give you not only protein, but also some fabulous nutrients and vitamins.

Moreover, there have been several cases of infected meat, not to mention that the world health organization already declared red meat to be carcinogenic.

Actually, several doctors around the world are starting to cure patients with a vegan diet. They are not against western medicine, they are just aware that food in itself can be the best medicine. The secondary effects of legumes include lots of energy, a strong heart and great skin. It’s definitely worth a try!

Here are our favorite protein sources:






Seeds ( hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, cashews) just to name a few.

Where is the B12 and what is it?

B12 is a vitamin only found in animal meat and dairy. However, it’s hard for anyone to absorb, despite the chosen diet. But because vegans don’t eat animal products, we tend to be in bigger trouble.

Firstly, we advise everyone to see a doctor and get the proper blood tests that check your B12 levels. It is a vitamin that when in deficiency can be damaging for your nervous system, your bones and it can cause anemia. It is especially dangerous if pregnant women or breastfeeding women have B12 deficiency.

Thankfully, there is a very simple way for vegans to make sure they have their B12 levels in check, without consuming animal products: B12 supplements! Just ask your doctor to prescribe you the best dosage for your body type and lifestyle.

There are also fortified foods like vegan milk, algae and nutritional yeast, but they don’t all offer the same dosage, and don’t get absorbed the same way.

Even thou we definitely recommend those yummy foods, a B12 supplement is the easiest way to make sure your health is taken care of.

Where is the calcium?

After and years and years of drinking milk to get strong bones, how can we live without it? Well, once again Nature is on the vegan side.

Legumes like Broccoli and Kale are great sources of calcium. Unlike milk and dairy that are rich in calcium but also in fat, dark green vegetables are rich in calcium and magnesium! Tahini and grinded chia seeds are also a great option, to get calcium, and some nice omega 3 fats that both your heart and brain will adore!

As you can see, eating vegetables will not only help free millions of animals from torturous lives, but it will give us a healthier lifestyle!

Where is the strength?

How many times haven’t we heard that strength comes from a big juicy stake? Too many times. Something that we don’t hear so often is the amount of athletes out there that are in fact Vegan. They were able to gain muscle and work hard just as hard as any other. Some examples are the surfer Tia Blanco, the volleyball player Dustin Watten, and the endurance runner Ruth Heidrich.

That’s right, there are no excuses not to be vegan!

Where is the time?

Re learning how to eat can take some time. However, cocking vegetables is much faster and easier than cocking meat. To make sure you’re getting all the nutrients and vitamins buy all the colorful veggies, fruits and seeds you can find. You don’t have to learn Asian cuisine overnight, or get the most expensive avocado and other fancy tropical fruits to thrive as a vegan. Moreover, there are a million easy vegan recipes, and we will write all about them.

Deciding to be a vegan is to decide to go on an inner journey. It’s about rediscovering your body, your values, and your power.

You will find yourself free of that lethargic post meal feel. Unlike meat, plants take less to be digested, and therefore you will become a more energized person. And more energy will give you the most precious thing: time.

Like everything in life, becoming vegan must be a balanced transition. It does not have to happen overnight, and the sky won’t fall down if you cheat every now and then. What is important is to take responsibility for our lives, make sure the way we act is aligned with our beliefs. Be a critic, don’t take any information lightly, and get involved. Be open to other perspectives, because extremism never did us any good. Love, empathy, trust, respect and education must be present at all times.

Not all vegan products are ethical, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, but that isn’t an excuse not to act. There are fantastic brands out there, we just all need to get out of our comfort zone and go find them. For better or worse, we are not alone nor isolated from each other and from Nature. What we buy has a tremendous impact in a lot of lives.

We have to be more than just blind consumers, and embrace the magnitude of a full existence. Kindness must be planted and our conscious must be awakened. Waiting for others to build our Utopia is a deadly illusion. Join us and act now. It’s much easier than it looks, and the reward will be the beautiful taste of pure love and the freedom that comes with it.

Have a beautiful day,


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