5 Documentaries about veganism you can’t miss

29 May 2020

5 Documentaries about veganism you can’t miss

5 Documentaries about veganism you can’t miss

This week we want to share with you 5 Vegan documentaries you can’t miss. Going vegan can be a challenge at times. However, after watching these documentaries you will have enough information to start transitioning.

Luckily all these documentaries are available on Netflix, so you can watch them safely in the comfort of your house. Without any further a due, here are 5 documentaries about Veganism you can’t miss:

1 – What the health

Joaquin Phoenix aka the new beloved joker is behind this one. Our favorite Vegan actor helped bring this documentary to life, so that the truth about the traditional diet was exposed.

In order to do that, several doctors were questioned about the correlation between health and diet. It seems like a no brainer, but it’s more complicated than that. Or is it?

The doctors that were willing to talk, showed proof that turn knowledge into myth. One example is the “fact” that milk makes strong bones. Well, did you know that there isn’t actually real evidence supporting that theory? There are however many studies that associate milk with allergies, acne or even acid reflux.

It also exposes the meat industry and how dangerous its growth can be. Not just for the animals, but for our health and the planet’s survival.

We also guarantee that after watching this, you will never doubt the power of plants again.

2 – Forks over Knives

You guessed it, there is no need for knives when you’re on a plant-based diet.

Even though this documentary is focused on the United States, it has vital information for everyone. It shows the health benefits of eating a vegan diet and how detrimental a meat-based diet is for our health.

There are several testimonials of people whose lives were literally saved by plants. Can it be more inspiring? It shows that it is possible to heal from nature, by emphasizing prevention.

3 – Game Changers

This documentary caused a lot of controversy when it came out. As most vegan documentaries do. Why? Because it took veganism to the next level! It proves that not only can we survive on a plant-based diet, but we can thrive off of it! You will see high level athletes performing amazingly on a vegan diet.  

It starts off by taking us back to the first athletes, the gladiators. By analyzing their remains, scientist were able to prove that they were  primarily vegetarian! How exciting is that? To find out that the first athletes of the Roman Empire were thriving on a plant-based diet!

But it doesn’t leave us in the past. oh no! We get to meet athletes doing amazing performances on a vegan diet, and hear all about the science behind it!

Excited about it? we hope so!

4 – Rotten

Rotten is a series of little big documentaries about the food industry. It exposes the dark side of several industries that harm not only animals, but humans and the environment.

Get ready to think twice before eating another avocado toast or buying another bottle of water.

Of course it will also show you how atrocious agriculture is.

However, after watching this series you will understand that shopping, regardless of your diet, must be a mindful experience. Research is in order if we want to be healthy, and live on an healthy planet.

On that note, following a plant-based diet will help you a lot with this! By buying the season’s vegetables at your local market you can already make sure your products are ethical and safe. Of course you should research the market first! But this way of thinking can make everything easier and healthier

5 – Explained – The Future of meat

We finish off with another Netflix special. Explained is an amazing series to spark curiosity to dig deeper. It covers multiple topics, and one of them is the future of meat.

It will help you understand how the meat industry has its days numbered. There just isn’t enough space to breed the animals we would need to feed the growing population.

Therefore there are more and more start-ups searching for ways to make healthy meat on lab. Free from any animal suffering!

This little documentary will bring you hope for a future where animals are treated with love and respect. It may not be the ideal way to eat, but it certainly is an upgrade!

Tell us what your favorite is and why in the comments below!

Have a beautiful day,


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