2nd hand is the new NEW!

15 November 2019

2nd hand is the new NEW!

2nd hand is the new NEW!

One of the best things we can do to reduce Fashion waste is buying 2nd hand. This doesn’t mean buying stained neither old clothes! Second hand only means that the item in question was already used. So you can buy amazing clothes that were only used once, or you can go to good will shops and buy older items that are still in great shape! The choice is much wider than we are led to believe!

If you’re just starting your 2nd hand journey, and the concept still makes you a bit uncomfortable, we want to introduce you to the world of luxury thrift stores. The following websites offer you the chance to buy designer pieces that are almost new! The real real and Graile  offer you the chance to prolonger the life of fabulous pieces from your favorite high end brands!

For a more urban style Depop is the place to go! Many creatives and / or influencers use this platform to sell clothes that they only wore a couple of times. Keep your fresh style, and save your money while helping keeping your house safe! And it gets better, because you can both sell and buy on Depop! This way you can always get new clothes, and sell the used ones, providing a circular economy and showing how fast fashion is no longer needed.

If you don’t have the time nor the passion to work on Depop, Vinted is the place for you. You can easily declutter your wardrobe by photographing the items you want to sell with your phone, and buy 2nd hand pieces just as easily. There is truly a place for everyone online!

However, if you love going shopping to physical shops, touching the fabrics, experimenting the clothes, and getting some good dopamine running, the next ones are perfect for you!

Humana is probably one of the most famous, since it has stores all around the world, more specifically in 45 countries. The twist is that Humana is much more than a just a store, since its profits are used to help communities in poverty all around the world. Look for the nearest one, and enjoy the love!

On the same note, UCLA health auxiliary thrift shop also uses good quality 2nd hand Fashion to make the world a better place by using its profits to contribute to the UCLA Health programs! If you’re in LA, take some time to stop by because you will find not only vintage regular clothes but also high end brands like GAP, Banana Republic and Escada.

Pick and Weight has stores in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Ibiza and London. Famous for having good quality 2nd hand pieces, as well as some more wore down items, attending the needs of many, it sells the clothes according to weight, quality and trend.

Lena’s Lovely Vintage is a Berlingem, curated by Lena, a Berliner fashion designer. Here we can find pieces from the 50’s ‘till the 90’s. From the flowery dresses, to the bright colored jumpsuit, this is a place for us to get lost in what the past still has to offer.

Chine Machine is where you can find luxurious 2nd hand fashion, in Paris. If this city wasn’t beautiful enough, this ethical and sustainable corner comes and brightens the Fashion capital even more! If you’re not in Paris, there is no need for despair because their vintage clothes are also available on their online shop!

These are just some of the amazing 2nd hand stores out there, and the number keeps on growing! In truth we have all the material we need right now and there is no need to keep producing new things. If you look closely the new trends are based on old ones with a twist. If the previews glamour is already available to us why do we need fast fashion to gives a piece that looks vintage but its quality is actually worse? Support business that recycle and upcycle without manipulating our brains into thinking that our worth lies in material things. With 2nd hand clothes and slow fashion brands you can express your true self without looking like everyone else. Let’s help create an exciting reality where we can all experiment with Fashion without needing to fear any judgment and without having to worry about the impact it has on our planet’s health and on our future.

Hopefully we inspired you to visit some of these stores! We would love to know your favorite ones, that maybe we didn’t mention, and your experiences with 2nd hand Fashion!

Have a beautiful day,


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