10 easy steps to sustainability

26 July 2019

10 easy steps to sustainability

10 easy steps to sustainability

This Sunday, 28th of july, is the world’s Nature conservation day. To celebrate it, we want to share 10 easy steps that we can all do to help fight global warming and preserve the wilderness. It's all about reducing, sharing and loving. An ode to a strong community that thru the magic of a circular economy will be able to save the oceans and the forests that gave us life.

1. Consume less, and when you do, do it consciously

As we wrote and will continue to write and advocate for, we must all redesign the way we consume. That is the most effective way we can help. To ask ourselves why our behaviors, needs and desires are the way they are. To take a step back and find out if we are buying something because we need and absolutely love it, or because it's cheap and we're bored.

This goes for everything. Even though fast fashion made buying all the clothes we want terrible for the environment, there are other areas where we can reduce.

Less mass production saves water as well as forests, and keeps rivers and oceans from being even more polluted.

2 . Avoid plastics like the plague

Yes, there are plastics we can't seem to live without. However, if we look closely we'll find many plastic free options, that aren't over complicated nor too expensive.
For example, just by preparing our meals and snacks in advance using fruits, veggies, seeds and dry fruits, we will find our plastic usage reduced and both our bank account and our body will be in great shape!
Our article about plastic free options will give you a lot of fun ideas for you to take back control of your carbon foot print!

More and more animals are dying or living in dreadful conditions because of the plastics that escape into Nature. The water we drink has micro plastics all over it. We must stop it before it stops us. Here is another great resource that will help us save our future!

3 . Check the cosmetics

Here are some questions you can ask the brands you're buying from:

Are they cruelty free? Are they vegan? Are they made with care or forced labor? Does the company your buying from care about the amount of water and other natural resources that are being used? What is that lipstick's carbon footprint?

Sounds overwhelming right?

We usually think that there isn’t an alternative, or that it will not have a direct impact in our lives and we can’t do anything about it. But there are many alternatives, we can feel the impact in the polluted water and the insane heat waves we are experiencing, and we can do a lot about it!

Well thanks to the internet there's an easy way to choose a lipstick with little impact on Nature’s conservation: https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/

Here you can find great ethical and sustainable brands, that will show how one person can help save the world!

4 .Public transportation, car sharing and adorable bicycles

Wouldn't that be a nice utopia? Today many cities depend on private cars. How many times haven't we seen or been that person alone in a car for 5 people?

Try seeing your car as a luxury that should only be used when absolutely necessary. Using Public transport is a great way to reduce your impact and gain some relaxing quality time! Instead of wasting time in traffic, take the train and maybe read on your way to work, or take that power nap that will turn your day around! The benefits are endless!

If you really need a car to get by in your city, try finding friends, neighbors and co workers that either need a ride or can give you one. It will be cheaper and you can spend some extra time with your friends and get to know new people. Definitely a win win situation!

In case you live near your work but not near enough to walk, why not surrender to a bicycle? Today there are even models that will fold to the size of a carry on. It will be a great extra workout and a beautiful way to experience your city.

And the best part? We would no longer need as much fossil fuels as we do today, and therefore the simple act of getting to work every day wouldn’t be incredibly damaging to our ecosystem. The air we breathe would become cleaner and we would all be a lot healthier.

5. Buy locally, love globally

Why buy imported goods when our country is very likely to produce many of the things you need? We're all for that avocado toast, but we can't forget where it comes from. Poorer countries are very often exploited for their exotic fruits, and a lot of fuel is spent to get them into western countries. Governments should definitely prevent these horrible situations from happening. But since they don't, we have to take action ourselves. Buying local, fair traded, organic goods is the best for your body and your community. It sends the message that the people care and we will not support any kind of exploitation.

As you can see investing in ourselves and fighting for the rights of people from the other side of the planet, can bring back solutions that will ultimately be the best way to save Mother Nature.

What we now call circular economy, a way of producing, where all the waste is used in the production chain, therefore eliminating waste and its polluting consequences, is how people lived before the industrial revolution. With the scientific knowledge and human rights we have today, we are capable of assembling a utopian system that will keep the industrial goods while preserving the wilderness that gives us life.

When we can all prosper and thrive together, an utopia will no longer to be a silly dream, it will be the reality we all deserve!

6 . Take proper care of your trash

Aside from splitting paper, plastic, glass and organic there is a bit more we can all do. For example, many stores and organizations will take your compost, and use it for gardening and agriculture. All we have to do is find one near us and take a bit more attention to your organic bag. The goal is to only put food waste on it, no dirty papers or anything like it, just organic waste. How simple is that?

When it comes to clothes, home supplies or even furniture, try Upcycling it (link to article) donating or selling before throwing it away. Landfills are full, and emitting tones of harmful gases by the minute! At the same time, there is always a person that needs what we see as trash just because we no longer need it. Basically, turning our burden into light will make everyone happier!

7. Plant a tree

That’s an easy one. Many organizations around the world do this! We can donate money to them, or you could simply plant a tree yourself.

Is your neighborhood missing some nice shadows? Write your city hall and get involved!

If a forest area has burnt to the ground, go out there and help the plantation process. That’s right both man and woman are able to give and nurture life around them. Let’s replant the planet together! We depend on earth’s lungs and right now they depend on us.

8. Clean the house

For better or worse we depend on Nature’s well being to continue to survive and thrive on this planet. Right now she needs a lot of love after the abuse we’ve done. A walk on the beach where we take a bag and pick all the garbage we can find can be a fun family adventure! Or maybe into the woods? A walk in the middle of Nature can turn into a cleaning marathon. The animals will thank you as well as the plants, but the most grateful will be the future us.

9. Save water

We’ve all heard about turning off the tap water while washing your hands, the quick showers and eco programs in washing machines and dish washers. But do you know how you can save millions of gallons of water? Eat more vegetables and less meat. If not for the animal sake, reduce your meat consumption for yourself and the future of humankind. According to IME (institute of mechanical engineering) 1Kg of meat needs 5000 to 20 000 liters of water, and 1kg of wheat needs 500 to 4000. Find more information here. Less meat is not only healthy for us, but it will also help save the water we all need to survive.

The Fast fashion industry also requires an insane amount of water. That’s why paying attention to labels is crucial. Fabrics like, organic cotton, use much less water. This day and age when sustainability has become a more global concern, brands that care will be certificated and will mention it on their labels.

Water is vital for life, fighting for the water is fighting for ourselves.

10. Share it with your friends, talk about it

Sharing information is easier these days. Social media as made it possible for us to share whatever we want as fast as we want to.

So let’s share solutions to the global warming problem. Easy solutions that everyone can do! Let’s show the world that one person can influence many into taking perhaps what seems to be a small step, and have a tremendous positive impact.

You don’t have to turn into a preacher. Actually we advise you not to. The best way to inspire change is by doing and showing, not by saying. So be as ethical and sustainable as you can, and show the world your light. The people who are interested will ask for your help, they will become allies because they want to, not because we made them feel bad and guilty about their actions. A loving approach may seem like a slower way to take action, but it will be the most effective and long lasting of all.

Have a beautiful day,


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