Vegan Choices of Noa from Style with a Smile

19 Maggio 2020

Vegan Choices of Noa from Style with a Smile

Vegan Choices of Noa from Style with a Smile

Hello everyone! This week we want you to met Noa from “Style with a Smile ” blog.

Noa is a lovely blogger that shares the same values as we do, she has been vegan for over seven years and was a social animal rights activist 2 years before opening her blog. She loves sustainable and ethical fashion and you will always hear from her ‘we don’t need to harm any beings or the environment to dress (or live) well’. Well said Noa! These are her vegan choices.

Check the Vegan Choices of Noa from “Style with a Smile” blog:


“Earthlings” made me become a vegan. It is a documentary film exposing the heartbreaking animal cruelty at factory farms, research labs, puppy mills, etc. Although it is a difficult film to watch, I truly believe it’s a must-watch for every person that is still consuming animal products. 
Click here to watch Earthlings


Nuuwai x Style with a Smile Bag

I designed a STUNNING bag collection with Nuuwai, a vegan fair fashion brand creating bags from apple waste. Our collection consists of 3 bags named after residents from Freedom Farm Sanctuary: Shai the donkeyYossi the pig, and Nir the cow. FFS is a wonderful farm sanctuary striving to change the way humans view the earth, animals, and themselves (read more on Style with a Smile). Since we admire FFS’s remarkable work, we decided to donate 5% of sales from our collection to support their mission! The designs we created are timeless yet fun and colorful, have clean lines, and a new, innovative smooth apple leather texture that I am sure you will love. 
Click here to shop the Nuuwai x Style with a Smile collection.


Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate is one of my biggest passions, and while I love dark chocolate, I do enjoy the awesome selection of vegan chocolate bars available in the market, especially the Veganz coconut chocolate bar and Vego chocolate bar. Both brands aren’t only vegan but also transparent, fairtrade, organic, and eco-conscious, which I highly appreciate.


Nae MARGOT Shoes

If you buy only one sandal this season, this one may be it: timeless, sleek, and comfortable, featuring a mid-heel and combining two wonderful vegan and sustainable materials- naturally beautiful cork and chocolate-colored Piñatex. It is the ideal all-rounder pair, and would easily work with any of your casual or dressed-up looks. I don’t think you’d wanna take it off! 
Click here to shop the Nae MARGOT Shoes. Use code NOA10 for 10% off!


Chari T-Shirt

DAWN DENIM, a fair fashion brand that owns their beautiful factory in Vietnam is now offering their “CHARI T” t-shirt. Made from organic cotton, the t-shirt features the Earth Flag, a project by the Swedish designer Oskar Pernefeldt. It is the ultimate symbol of cohesion and is therefore particularly important and relatable at this time. “With this t-shirt, we want to help our friends through the corona crisis”, said Pia from DAWN DENIM. “100% of all profits are donated. 50% of the small, independent boutiques and stores that run DAWN and now fear for their existence, and 50% of an organic cotton farm that is threatened by the crisis”. We are all in this together!


More about Noa






We hope you had enjoyed the vegan choices of Noa from “Style with a Smile” blog 🙂

Have a beautiful day,


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