Ninaís Vegan Choices

05 Maggio 2020

Ninaís Vegan Choices

Ninaís Vegan Choices

Hello everyone! This week we want to share with you Ninaís Vegan Choices. Nina Botzen is one of our favorites sustainable bloggers, a 24 years old girl who loves Fair and Second Hand Fashion, sustainable products, selflove and mindfulness. We hope you like it 🙂

Ninaís Vegan Choices

1. Menstrual Cup

Switching from disposable tampons to a cup was literally lifechanging. Itís incredible how much waste we generate otherwise when on our periods and itís a bummer that I have only discovered the cup for myself a bit more than a year ago. Itís also save and easy to use and you even tend to forget that youíre on your period at all, as 1 or 2 changes a day are enough.


2. Game Changers

Probably Iím not the only one recommending this movie (thatís a good sign though!) but for anyone still having doubts on whether to go vegan, this is a must-watch. It bashes many clichťs vegans still have to face and shows that a vegan diet can help you go strong up to old age.


3. Cheese

Myself, I never was a big fan of cheese before going vegan but it seems like giving up cheese is for many people the hardest part of going vegan. Therefore, I have two recommendations in stock that sweep away any remaining doubts. For one, the Greek White Block from Violife is literally AMAZING. Itís a vegan Feta alternative and makes for great Greek salads, providing for delicious, healthy and quick vegan meals. Another one I can recommend is the cheese by New Roots, which is actually a Swiss start-up. Their vegan camembert is out-of-this-world and Iíve heard people saying that they wouldnít have known that itís vegan if not told before.


4. Treedom

This is such a great initiative. Itís an online platform that allows you to plant real-life trees for yourself or as a gift and enables you to track itís process. Itís a great way to compensate your CO2 footprint and help reforestation around the world, for a world that will be still habitable in a few centuries from now.

5. Oatly

As a coffee lover and enthusiast I have tried quite a few different plant-based milks on the market. Not only giving many of them a taste test but also researching about the best alternatives impact wise. Ultimately, Iím super happy that my favourite milk, oat milk, also has the best CO2 footprint. I think the one milkbrand that is best suitable for particularly transitioning vegans is Oatly as itís rich and creamy and tastes delicious.


About Nina Botzen

My name is Nina and Iím a vegan blogger from Switzerland. I love animals and am a part-time dog mom of Molly, a former street dog from Italy, who lives at my parentís house. Iíve always had a profound love for animals but for years before going vegan I was disconnected to my food and the products I owned. My love for all living beings, paired with my care for the environment and myself led me to the best decision Iíve made so far: To start my plant-based journey.

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