INSIDE -  more than a shoe, an ideal

06 Septembre 2019

INSIDE - more than a shoe, an ideal

INSIDE -  more than a shoe, an ideal

Our vitality comes from our roots. Where it all began. In the depths of the woods, trees tell stories that go back hundreds of years. And together with the ocean waves, they give us Life.

For the fall/winter collection of 19'20 we want to dive deep into ourselves, we want to dig beneath the surface to reconnect with what truly matters. We want to know how strong we really are, and what our virtues and will can accomplish. What do we stand for? How can we become a better version of ourselves?

Feel Inside is a way to tell the world that we want to do better, that we know we can all be better, and that is our purpose

To be a Vegan, ethical and sustainable brand in the fashion world means that we have to be persistent, resilient, while creative and fearless. The connection with Nature, with wildlife, is where we get our strength. These are qualities that need to be cultivated daily, if we want a Love revolution to take over the world. These are the qualities we want our shoes to be made of.


You opened this link for a reason. Deep down you know it’s time to change.

These are shoes that remind us of what we are and inspire us to be everything we can be.

From classic designs, to more informal pieces, we have footwear for every occasion. Rest a sure that we will keep you grounded and stylish this winter.

Gender fluidity is ingrained in the collection as well. Our gender neutral mountain boots, ATKA, are great for both a Nature and a city walk. They’re all about balance, connection and empathy.


If you prefer a more dashing boot, we give you the Harley, a military boot that will help you fight climate change in style. They are both made from eco microfibers that have the OEKO-TEX certificate and are water resistant.


For the ones who spell Classical with a capital C, we introduce Nicol and Dover. The first is a feminine model, and is as strong and empowering as any other. The second is a masculine design inspired in the ‘clark-desert boot’.


What could be a better statement for this winter?

Apart from Lou, of course. A knee-high boot made from a beautiful, OEKO-TEX certificated, eco microfiber. They’re dashing and classical. Because of their versatility they are irresistible to any style. A timeless piece.


The heavy lines of the design work as a metaphor, to remind us to be true to our roots and keep our balance thru the fluidity of nature. As you wear them take a moment to feel the Earth beneath your feet, and how it lives thru you and beyond you. To live is a too beautiful of an experience to shatter. Let’s fight for a clean planet, let’s fight for life.

Find all the models from new collection AW'19 here.

Have a beautiful day,


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