Find the 5 R's of sustainability

22 Mai 2020

Find the 5 R's of sustainability

Find the 5 R's of sustainability

This week you will find the 5 R’s of sustainability. That’s right, 5 not 3!

These are times of change and we want to make sure we make the best of it. We believe that sustainability is the way forward, and this article will hopefully make it easier. As you know, we want to remind all the beautiful people in this world of the power we all have! Let’s celebrate it by changing our habits, so that companies and governments change theirs. Our green future is right around the corner!

Are you ready? Here they come!

Find the 5 R’s of Sustainability:

1 – Reduce

The first step to achieve the sustainable dream is to reduce the number of things we buy. Sounds easy? Well, this is easier said than done, because it needs some consideration.

An important question to ask ourselves is:

Do I really need all the things I think I need?

And right after;

What is essential for me to own?


Here is important to be honest. Because it’s easy to feel guilty and think that you don’t need much at all. But the truth is that we need something, and we need to feel fabulous. Moreover, if you make your shopping list too strict, you are more likely not to follow it, and give up on sustainability altogether.

Keep in mind that change is something we humans always resist. So be gentle with yourself, and don’t refuse everything at once.


Think about what you have that is good quality and long-lasting. You probably don’t need more of those. And step by step, understand what is essential to your lifestyle and let go of the extra weight.

When you do need to buy something invest in something sustainable and ethical. It’s also important that it makes you feel good and can be reused for years and years.

Your life will be simpler and the planet will be thankful!

2 – Reuse

On that note comes reusing. This is super important! We live in the world of disposable items, and that needs to stop.

If there is a reusable option, choose it!

More often than not we can find accessible items that will be better for our health and for the environment.


Single use plastics are an easy target. If you are always on the go invest in a portable cup. Here you can find some great options of reusable alternatives!

We also talk about investing in good quality clothing to be able to reuse it for decades! But that doesn’t mean you have to reuse it yourself. If we have better clothing that lasts so long we can donate it or sell it, knowing that it will keep on being fabulous!

Or maybe you love a certain pattern, but not item itself?

3 – “Repurpose” aka Upcycle

You can always turn it into something else you love by repurposing it!

That dress can become a shirt, a shirt can become a scarf. A scarf can become wrapping paper, and wrapping paper can become beautiful origami. The world is your oyster when it comes to “repurposing”.


Once again buying quality items pays off when you want to turn them into something else. Why? Because good materials will survive for years and endure any experiment.

This is the creative outlet mother nature is yearning for! Aren’t the 5 R’s of sustainability exciting?

4 – Recycle

If you can’t do it yourself or donate it, recycling is the way to go. The sustainable dream has no space for waste. That’s why we have to make sure we reduce ours as much as possible.

This means recycling to the best of our ability. Find out where are all the recycling bins in your area. Sometimes there can be a container for cooking oil, another for used batteries or even a compost container not far from your house. They are usually, not as common as paper, plastic and glass containers, but are usually there.


Look out for clothing containers as well. These ones tend to be for donations, but sometimes they also recycle fabric.

Once again the importance of a good and well-thought purchase is noted. The better the item, the easier it will be to recycle it and make a new product out of it.

However, keep in mind that recycling isn’t easy. A lot of resources are needed, and water is a major one.

This way we bring the article to an end, by returning to the beginning with a twist.

5 – Refuse

  • » Things you don’t need; 
    » Companies that are polluting our planet; 
    » Politics that aren’t protecting the environment; 
    » Practices that are unfair to the people who were born with no privileges; 
    » Animal testing and animal use; 
    » Hatred, greed and blindness;
    » This reality, because there is another way of growth and real value.

This is the time to say enough and put our foot down. The time has come to fight for the future we and our children deserve.

As you can see, refusing can be more profound than saying no to consumerism. Because it’s also saying no to a life as a mere consumer. We are critical beings and we thrive with love, not with things.

Hope you’re standing strong for a better tomorrow. Tell us what your favorite R is! We love to hear from you!

Have a beautiful day,


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