COVID-19 and Emotional hygiene

27 Mars 2020

COVID-19 and Emotional hygiene

COVID-19 and Emotional hygiene

This week we want to talk about COVID-19 and Emotional hygiene.

There isn’t a place on earth that hasn’t been affected by this virus. Even if the country you are living in didn’t get it, the fear and anxiety it produces have definitely found a way in.
To let ourselves be controlled by fear weakens both our judgment and our immune system.

So let’s all take a deep breath in. Right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold it in and feel the strength inside yourself. In a big breath out, let go of the fear for a moment. Shake your shoulders and smile. You are still here.

Having a peaceful mind is essential right now. This is achieved through emotional hygiene. It will help you make better decisions and inhabit a healthier body. Here you can find an article about how your state of mind impacts your health.

Emotional Hygiene

Imagine you’re walking to work while drinking your coffee and an adorable puppy runs to you for some love. You get so excited, you immediately stretch your hand out towards him and he jumps at you for a hug. The result, a suite full of coffee. Would you ignore it and keep using that suit without cleaning it? Of course not. You would have to go through a whole process to get it clean so that it can be as good as new.

Why don’t we do this when the stain is inside ourselves? We walk around with our insides full of stains that are now so old we don’t even bother trying to get them out. Well, emotional hygiene means that every time something upsets you or makes you really happy, you sit down with yourself and process it. It means regular check-ins with yourself to make sure you look fabulous from the inside out.

Some of us believe that emotions are weaknesses, others are just too scared to even think about it. If you are a man, it’s even harder because you’re not supposed to get emotional at all.

However, we have to come to terms with the fact that we are all very sensitive, and in need of love and warm cheesy feelings. It takes much more strength to allow oneself to be vulnerable and set boundaries, then it takes to ignore our sorrows.

Here is one of our blog posts about peaceful existence.

Now we would like to share with you:


Practical tips for emotional hygiene! The staying home special.

Having a routine

Keep your old routine. Wake up on time. Eat a healthy beautiful breakfast, and get dressed. If you normally use makeup, put your favorite lipstick on. Brush your hair and allow yourself to feel fantastic. If you’re working from home, get a designated work area and get there on time.

Keep curious

If you’re not working, get yourself a hobby and start learning. Use the online resources at your disposal to watch all the movies you have been meaning to watch and read all the books you’ve been meaning to read.

You can also take a class about something completely out of your comfort zone. Think about all the things you wanted to do but didn’t because there was never enough time. There was never a better opportunity! Here you can find a class about anything and everything you can imagine. skillshare.


Time for yourself

If you’re at home with your family make sure you can have time for yourself. Even if all you can have is 10 or 20 minutes a day, make them count. It’s important to properly recharge and do whatever we like for a minute. Or maybe you don’t have to do anything at all.

This is your time to breathe.


Speaking about time to breathe, meditation is a great way to stay calm and grounded at any time, but especially in times like these. If sitting down in silence for even 10 minutes feels daunting to you, there are other types of meditation that incorporate movement. It’s all about repeated movements that slowly calm the mind. Coloring books are a great way to meditate if you can’t sit still. Put on your favorite relaxing music and breathe.



Staying active is crucial to keep a healthy mind. It reduces stress, gives you more energy and a healthier body. Taking a walk with your dog is good but not enough. There are countless workout videos online! You can simply go on Youtube, choose your favorite one and have fun! Open the windows and imagine all the stress and negativity leaving your body while you’re dancing to your favorite music.



This is a great way to both document this experience, and check-in with ourselves. Write about everything and anything. Every day or once a week. You decide what works best for you. The important thing is that you have a safe space to say all the things you want to but can’t. A place where you can deconstruct yourself, in order to understand yourself a bit better.

If you feel like this is all too much, it is totally valid and it doesn’t mean you’re weak. Psychologists are here to help everyone to deal with their personal issues. You can find here, help online, so that you can talk to someone who is not biased and whose opinion doesn’t matter to you. Another safe place to help you find your way back so that you can be a better friend to yourself and others.

Dealing with the news

A great way to feel stressful all the time is to have our news notifications all day long and watching the news at night. Don’t get us wrong, being informed is vital for our democracy’s health as well, but be mindful of what kind of information you are letting into your mind.
More often than not, we only get to hear the terrible news and half-told stories. We never hear about how much good there is in the world and how we can contribute to it.

Set a time of your day for the news. Make sure you are choosing good pragmatic sources and reading the official health advice. Sensationalist journalism never did us any good.

Get creative

Not everyone is an Artist, but everyone can write and draw. It’s a tragedy that we keep thinking that a good drawing is a picture-like portrait. Any Fine Arts school will tell you otherwise. We are missing out on such a therapeutic activity! To get some paint and cool brushes and do whatever you like is a great way to feel in control and to have fun with it!

Creative writing is also a super fun experience. Create some cool characters and make the plot for the show or the movie you would love to see.


These are great tools to explore oneself and give the brain well-deserved workout.

We all have something to say, and taking the time now, to find our voice can help us immensely in the future. Set yourself free on a piece of paper!

Find peace in history

Remember that humanity has been through a lot worse with less than half the means we have today. This will pass and become history. However, until it does, we have to keep our healthy habits, wash our hands more than ever before and keep our social distance.

If we all work together we will get through this in no time!

We hope you’re well or in path to recovery.

Have a beautiful day,


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