Sustainability in Trans-Seasonal

28 Octubre 2022

Sustainability in Trans-Seasonal

Sustainability in Trans-Seasonal

The fashion industry has more diversity today than ever before. The options available to you from season to the season continue to grow and evolve, and one of the more effective methods of being more environmentally aware is through sustainability. 

Sustainable clothing in trans-season fashion can be challenging. It requires you to pick a smaller selection of clothing and pieces you can wear throughout the year. In essence, you are helping the environment by not purchasing too much and utilizing the components repetitively to stay fashionable throughout the changing seasons.

Choosing clothing that's made from sustainable material is another challenging task. You might not have the knowledge of what materials are more sustainable and if you can adapt your sustainable pieces with a trans-seasonal wardrobe. You may live in a location that is prone to drastic climate changes, where one day it’s windy, cold, and rainy, and the next the sun is shining, and it feels warm and humid.

The good news is - you can! There are ways to match, mix, and wear clothing year-round that is sustainable and good for every season. Blending styles in a way that's referred to as “capsule dressing” means instead of feeling like you’re wearing the same thing all the time (bo-ring!), you have an array of attractive and versatile styles.

Making Trans-Seasonsal Styles Sustainable

Dressing for the seasons requires looking for sustainable articles of clothing from head to toe. With an investment in our earth’s future, you must find clothing that promotes more functionality with top-tier quality to last you for years. 

When setting up a trans-seasonal wardrobe, you must look for sustainable quality fabrics. You looked for breathable, high-quality fibers with the added ability to layer. If you don’t know what materials are sustainable, here is a handy guide to help you.

Bamboo Fabric: clothing made out of bamboo is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, which is perfect if you have more sensitive skin. Bamboo fabrics are stretchy, so unlike cotton fibers which can shrink and tighten around some regions of your body, you can feel comfortable with bamboo garments that you wear close to the skin, such as socks and underwear.

Vegan Footwear: plant-based shoes use alternatives to animal products, such as leather, appleskinmicrofibercorkcorn, and . They are very sustainable in quality, sure to last, and provide you with style.

Organic Hemp: Another plant-based fiber used in clothing, hemp can be more sustainable than just your wardrobe. It’s used in building materials and cosmetics, so you can feel good about choosing organic hemp-made products.

Recycled Cotton: organic and recycled cotton is plant-based, breathable, and can be an excellent alternative to conventional cotton since it reduces the carbon footprint. No pesticides are used during growth or throughout the production process when making clothing with recycled cotton. 

To ensure you’re finding the suitable types of materials, don’t just look for tags that say “organic” or “environmentally friendly,” as sometimes these can be false. Look for labels that say things like ‘naturally organic,’ ‘natural fibers,’ or ‘recycled materials’ when shopping for sustainable clothing.

Creating Your Trans-Seasonal Wardrobe

When you’ve narrowed down the correct type of sustainable clothing to find, the next thing to do is create what your wardrobe will consist of and look like going forward. There are some suggestions for specific pieces that you can look for during your search. 

To create a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, you will also benefit from finding more longevity in your products. Accessories may be a great way to take something you often wear and give it a re-style to make it look new again.

Another instance is the ability to layer, which will hold massive weight when going from season to season so that you can have fewer clothes with more sustainability. Some good staples of clothing that can help you get started on your wardrobe include the following:

  • Compression socks - The benefits of compression socks are that they help increase your blood flow and also work to decrease comfort and swelling throughout the changing seasons. To align with the similar sustainable goals, options like VIM + VIGR medical compression socks can be a mindful add on to your trans-seasonal wardrobe.

  • Blazer - jackets are a great throw-on piece to incorporate when you want to throw something on if it’s a little chilly outside or to help give a stylish upgrade to a regular tee. It’s necessary for trans-seasonal, and sustainable jackets are often made to last.

  • Shoes - loafers are one of the more versatile types of footwear, so you can get one pair to last the entire year(or more). But if you have the means, go with a couple or a few different shoe styles you can switch out with passing seasons. Some excellent sustainable and vegan options include sandalsloafers, and boots. With those three pairs alone, you’ll be set for years.

  • Accessories - there are ways to style different vegan accessories to help give your outfits a new and fresh look depending on the season. For example, adding sunglasses, a purse, and a belt to pair with a sundress, a watch to go with your shorts, or jewelry to dress up a plain tee are all great ways to add versatility.

  • Pants - wide leg pants are both comfortable and have the look of sophistication. They can have a more business casual look with a tucked-in blouse or a sweater but also provide a loungy feel with a soft hoodie.

  • Button-up Shirts - button-ups that are a size bigger are excellent for trans-seasonal clothing since, like with wide-leg pants, you can use them to dress up or dress down. Button-ups also go well with pants or with jeans.

Can Sustainability be Trans Seasonal?

Sustainable clothes and accessories have more high-quality fabrics, are environmentally friendly, and provide you with everything you need to minimize your closet space. Another added benefit of adapting to this fashion style is that you’ll spend far less time choosing your outfits with fewer options, making it easier and less stressful to dress each day.

An essential aspect of finding a perfect trans-seasonal wardrobe is the versatility of each article of clothing. Look for pieces you can pair with multiple pairs of jeans or pants you already own or tops that you can repeatedly layer and use again as the seasons change, and you’ll be set. 

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