Annick's Vegan Choices

28 Abril 2020

Annick's Vegan Choices

Annick's Vegan Choices

Hi guys! You are about to read Annick’s Vegan Choices. My name is Annick and i’m the founder and CEO of Immaculate Vegan. Today I’m sharing with you my vegan choices. I hope you like it. 🙂 

1 – Oxia Gladiator Sandals by NAE Vegan Shoes

We were delighted to have NAE as one of our founding brands at Immaculate, and I love the new SS20 sandals collectionThis style is my favorite as it’s classic and elegant, and made with beautiful vegan leather. They look really comfy too! I would wear them with a sleeveless linen jumpsuit or a summery shift dress.

2 – Paige Vegan Leather Biker Jacket by Dauntless

A great biker jacket is a fashion staple and an essential for any wardrobe, in my opinion. This jacket does come in some lovely Spring/Summer shades, including a mulberry pink, light blue and cream – but I just love it in classic black, and think it would be a good balance to floaty summer skirts and dresses. Dauntless are a great vegan brand that are known for their gorgeous, high-quality biker jackets, and have recently expanded their range to include other styles, including a biker-style trench, and vegan leather skirts, trousers and some very cool vegan leather culottes.


They produce everything in-house in their main offices in Bogota, Colombia to control fair trade standards and just working conditions. They’re always looking for new, innovative and modern fabrics that have a low impact on the environment and/or have been recycled; and everything is sourced using the most sustainable production methods available.

3 – Gamma | Eco Solar Watch with Green Vegan Leather Strap by Solios Watches

Solios are an innovative new watch brand from Montreal, Canada, who make beautifully designed premium vegan watches that are powered by the sun. Their batteries need only 2 hours of sunlight for 6 months of power reserve – if all battery-operated watches were to function using a solar movement, this could eliminate the production of more than 300 million batteries every year. They have built sustainability into all aspects of their business, from their zero waste and plastic free packaging, to their unique vegan leather that is free of PU and PVC, completely recyclable, highly durable (waterproof, ink proof, dust proof), and filled with a 100% recycled plastic microfibre. I love this dark green colour and think it’s a great choice for Spring/Summer outfits.

4 – Frida Vegan Apple Leather Cross Body in Burgundy by LUXTRA

This London-based brand has a beautiful capsule collection of bags made from very high quality vegan leathers, including Pinatex and Apple Leather. This style is made from an Apple Leather called “Frumat” – an Italian cruelty-free leather alternative that is made from the skin and core waste of apples recovered from Europe’s largest apple harvest in Bolzano, Italy. I love their minimalist aesthetic and classic styles that are completely seasonless and will never date.

5 – Dream Dream Dream Night Facial Oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals

Since finding out just how many harmful chemicals are in so many mass market beauty products, I’m very fussy about what I put on my skin. We launched our Immaculate Beauty category in order to provide our customers with the best clean, natural and effective beauty products that are out there. Neighbourhood Botanics is one of my favourite beauty brands and they have the best facial oils.


Neighbourhood’s Founder Micaela used to work in the music industry, and was disillusioned by spending a bomb on sub-par skincare whilst touring the world working for pop stars. So she went on a mission to make a 100% natural line of plant-based facial oils without crazy mark-ups, and no synthetics, silicones, alcohol, sulphates or anything else questionable in any of the products. They’re all vegan, cruelty free, small batch and they really work.

I’m addicted to the Night Night Night Facial Oil, and get it for everyone I know for their birthday! It has the most amazing selection of essential oils, and it feels and smells incredible.

About Immaculate Vegan

Our mission is to help drive the shift to an ethical and sustainable lifestyle that optimises happiness and wellness. We will do this by changing the perception of the vegan lifestyle – from alternative to aspirational; from limiting to transformational. We search the world for the most desirable, innovative designers, carefully curating a sophisticated collection of slow, sustainable fashion and contemporary lifestyle.

About Annick

I’m the founder and CEO of Immaculate Vegan. My background is in marketing and branding, and before launching Immaculate Vegan I worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for a number of large media organizations. 
I live in London, UK with my husband (who’s a yoga teacher and sports massage therapist) and our rescue greyhound Tippi. I became vegetarian after adopting a greyhound from the Retired Greyhound Trust, and making the link between the pets we love and all animals; and then soon after that the penny finally dropped and I became vegan.

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