Barcelona here we come!

26 Abril 2019

Barcelona here we come!

Barcelona here we come!

We have some exciting news to share with you. This is something we’ve been working on for quite some time; we are opening a store in Barcelona!


As you may know, besides our online store we have a store in Lisbon where you can come in, try on our shoes, and get to know us. We love to meet you! Buying something in person will always be more special, and so opening more stores around the world makes perfect sense for us.


Many of you were asking for a store in Barcelona, and that couldn’t be more perfect! One of our founders is originally from there, so we have strong ties with the city. Not only that, here you can find great food, warm people and such a rich culture! From Gaudi to Picasso, they have it all. And we want to be part of this inspiring melting pot!


Our store will be located in the city center, next to the Santa Maria Del Mar Cathedral. And what an honor will that be, to stand next to a monument that embodies the strength and togetherness of the community who build it. For those of you who don’t know, this cathedral was built in the 14th century, mostly by volunteers. Everyone in Barcelona wanted to participate and give the contribution they could.


It’s one of, if not the one which was built the fastest. Regardless of some major setbacks, it only took 55 years to build, which at the time was incredible. Even though many of the builders knew they wouldn’t see the end result, everyone worked as hard as possible. For the meaning it gives a life, that not only helped create all this greatness, but understood the importance of giving without expecting anything in return. This just goes to show what humanity can achieve when we all come together out of love and respect, for a better future. For a life with meaning.


So now we stand next to this beautiful love story, hoping to contribute to a better future for this world.


Our newest adress is Carrer de Sombrerers 9, 08003 Barcelona. We can’t wait to meet you there!


Have an amazing day!



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