Common questions

Here are the answers for frequently asked questions. For any other questions or additional information, please contact us -

  • Material
    • What materials nae uses?

      Nae vegan shoes uses natural, ethical and sustainable materials such as cork, pineapple, recycled airbag, ecological and certified OEKO-TEX microfibers and PET - recycled plastic bottles. Learn more about the materials used here.

    • How to clean nae shoes?

      The nae vegan shoes products are very simple to clean. Just a damp cloth and a little mild soap is enough. For the protection and conservation of your nae product, we also recommend the use of polishing cream on most of our products. If you need more details, check the product page that you want or contact us at

  • Legal information
    • Does Nae sells only online?

      No. Beside this online website, nae sells more than 60 retailer stores around the world and also has a official store at the LxFactory in Lisbon.
      You can check the times and the address click here. Find your nearest location by emailing us at

  • Brand
    • Why nae is a vegan brand?

      Nae is a vegan brand because it does not use animal materials, works more to use sustainable and environment friendly materials. In addition, nae produces 100% in Portugal and in certified factories that respect the rights of its workers and do not support any type of exploitation.
      In the background, nae is based on five pillars that considers as essential when creating a product:

      • Vegan
      • Eco-friendly
      • Animal-Friendly
      • Cruelty-Free
      • Made in Portugal