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  • About the Product
    • Where are NAE’s shoes made?

      NAE is currently producing mainly in Portugal, as it is a reference country in the production of footwear.

    • What does 'Vegan Leather’ mean?

      It’s a synthetic material that acts as a substitute for animal leather. It results from a blend of various fibers, such as polyester, cotton and nylon. NAE uses microfibers that are OEKO-TEX certified which gives us a guarantee regarding the sustainability of product manufacturing.

    • Is Vegan Leather fully sustainable?

      This material has a percentage of polyester, so it’s not fully sustainable comparable to a 100% organic material such as organic cotton or cork, however 'vegan leather' is the only material that gives us the most versatile regarding style. We also believe that this product is more fair, not only because it avoids all pollution caused by the livestock industry but also because consuming this type of product is saving the lives of millions of animals that are exploited by the food and fashion industry.

    • What does OEKO-TEX certification mean?

      OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 is a certification that regulates the use of hazardous substances and certifies that a particular product is not harmful to the environment or the health of the user.
      The tests are conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes based on the extensive catalog of criteria and requirements.

  • Orders
    • What shipping options do I have?

      We have the standard free shipping option and an express and paid shipping is also available.

    • Can I change my order once completed?

      Once completed, your order goes into the warehouse shipping flow and cannot be changed on the website. If for any reason you need to give us some extra information about your order you can contact us through the customer support line with your order ID and if it has not yet been sent we can see if it is possible to make the requested change.

    • Where is my order?

      Your order has an associated Track ID. With this code you can check on the carrier's website where your order is located.

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